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Thank you for visiting the TAS Service page on the Parent Zone. This page is maintained by the Director of Inclusion & Wellbeing, E-chieh Lin, win collaboration with the Communications Office.

For questions about service at TAS, please reach out to E-chieh directly at

Definitions of Service at TAS

At TAS we define…: 

  • Service as planned activities (including service learning and community service) designed to build authentic relationships, empathy, and respect while meeting community needs.  

  • Service Learning gives our students real opportunities to connect classroom learning to authentic needs in the community, to take initiative, research, solve problems collaboratively, and reflect in order to understand and value the impact of service.  

  • Community Service includes activities that meet actual community needs with varying levels of research and reflection integrated into the service experience.   

Service Comittee Updates

The Service Committee will be working with Cathryn Berger Kaye in November to help TAS start our service-learning program. The committee will be working on developing frameworks and pathways for TAS educators to see what is feasible in their already existing curriculum to enhance into a service-learning project.