PowerSchool, our web-based Student Information System (SIS), offers many functions for parents. If you have not logged-in, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.


Parent, Student, Faculty/Staff, or Alumni, stay connected with our community. Access school communications, news, calendars, and information that’s just for you. For more information, contact webmaster@tas.tw

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Which Password?

Which Account?

There are two different accounts Tigernet and PowerSchool. Each stores its password in a different place. Check the list below to see which one you need to fix. Remember if you change the password in one place you should probably change it in the other. Download instructions as pdf.

Tigernet Account

Includes Tigernet, Canvas (Grades 6-8), GoFMX, on campus Wireless access, library checkout.

This will only work if you enrolled your account before! If you don't have a parent account, please contact parent_passwords@tas.tw.

  1. Unlock account Video version of how to unlock account.
    1. Go to pw.tas.edu.tw
    2. Click Unlock Account
    3. Enter User Name & click Continue
    4. Choose Security Question or Email
    5. Email version
      1. Select known email
      2. Complete captcha code
      3. Receive email with link
      4. Click link and follow instructions
    6. Security Question version
      1. Enter captcha
      2. Answer question & enter captcha
      3. Answer correct, enter captcha, unlock account

PowerSchool Account

Includes PowerSchool Parent, Campus meal card

Unlock account, recover username, reset password. Video version of how to unlock, recover, etc.

  1. Go to PowerSchool login screen powerschool.tas.edu.tw
  2. Click "Forgot Username or Password?"
  3. Forgot your username?
    1. Click Forgot Username tab
    2. Enter Email Address entered in Account Preferences
    3. Click Enter
    4. Check Email
    5. Use username to login as usual
  4. Forgot password or locked account?
    1. Click Forgot Password tab
    2. Enter Username
    3. Enter Email Address entered in Account Preferences
    4. Click Enter
    5. Check email
    6. Use link in email to reset password (can not be the same as old password)
Controlled by Tigernet password Controlled by PowerSchool password

Tigernet - parent communications, PTA information, school calendars, lunch menus, etc.
Canvas - learning management and assignment system, parent access grades 6-8
GoFMX - facility scheduling
Destiny Library Manager - Library check out and circulation TAS-Tigernet - on campus wireless access for mobile devices

PowerSchool - student information system. See report cards, update personal information, sign up for courses, etc. Campus point of sale system - meal card payments, Tigershop payments.