Student Governments

Leadership is integral to the TAS education. The Student Government is a huge platform for leadership, as it is the advisory and coordinating body for all student activities and communications with the faculty and the administration, in order to provide the best student experience.

The Student Government consists of three branches: Executive Officers and Student Government Members, Class Government, and Club Senate. The principal Executive Officers are elected by the student body and consist of the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary/Treasurer and three Activities Heads; they meet with both the Student Government members and Class Government officers to tackle timely student issues and prepare and lead major school events such as Frolic, Spirit Week, and Field Day. Class Government officers are elected by their respective grades to lead class meetings and meet with the administration to solve student issues. Club Senate involves club officers who cope with budgeting, organizing various activities and setting yearly goals.

Ultimately, Student Government as a whole is dedicated to upholding the spirit, unity, and traditions of the school, as well as promoting the interests and meeting the needs of the student body.