The Arts

The US performing arts department, which includes dance, drama, and theater tech, emphasizes that the arts can best be appreciated by active participatory involvement in the creative process. A wide range of courses are offered, from Dance 1 for the dance enthusiast who may or may not have been in the dance studio before, to Theatre Arts which satisfies the public speaking credit by helping students find their voice. Courses are also offered in technical theater to help students explore the design process behind the scenes. Through the performing arts, students are challenged to expand beyond the self, becoming totally involved in the creative process of communication and collaboration.

Each fall, our co-curricular theater program includes bi-annual productions of a drama or musical production, along with the collaboration of our music department, while the dance co-curricular program produces a full-length narrative dance production and a spring concert featuring pieces by both guest choreographers and advanced students. The after-school programs also include opportunities to audition for IASAS Cultural Convention as well as smaller productions for the end of the year Performing Arts Festival. The courses offered in dance, drama, and technical theater offer a sequential program to nurture student interest and talent and push them to grow as artists.

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