The art curriculum develops sequentially to ensure that students have a consistent and solid set of foundational skills that build over time and lead to mastery at the upper school level. Within the classroom, on a daily basis, the hallmarks of the teaching and learning activities encourage innovation, ideation, creative problem solving, and collaboration.

The student artwork that is created reflects the learning skills of the 21st century, which require students to be: information savvy and creative thinkers; critical in analyzing problems in order to find a variety of solutions; as well as able to develop their individual voice to communicate clearly, expressively, and effectively through their artwork. In addition, students work collaboratively and innovatively when using a variety of traditional tools and materials. However, increased access to computers and software has allowed students to be expressive in new and exciting ways.

The department has consistent access to state-of-the-art software and a teaching and learning environment that fosters a working attitude of collaboration and cooperation for the students.

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