Little Shop of Horrors with Small Plant

The Upper School theater co-curricular program has three major components:

1) Main-stage productions offer students a chance to work with more intensive, longer productions. There is a full-length musical or play in October and an extended one-act in February for the Cultural Convention.

2) One-Act productions provide students opportunities to write, act, direct, and tech shorter shows in a more intimate venue:

  1. April (Fine Arts Festival)—Up to 10 extended One-Acts, directed and performed by experienced students
  2. An extended One-Act in February for the Cultural Convention
  3. Guest Artist Experience— One or two times a year, a professional actor/director will work with the students and at times, this will include a performance showcase of the work that is experienced with this particular guest artist.

3) Other supporting activities provide students with additional dramatic experiences:

  1. Theatersports is sponsored annually by the Thespian Society in September, providing chances for student teams to compete in several rounds of improvisational theatre.
  2. The Thespian Society is an international organization that recognizes student theatrical work and promotes theater within the school community.
  3. The Theater Guild is for all students wanting to be involved in the TAS theater community. This is a club that requires no commitment but still is connected to the Thespian Society.