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US Clubs and Activities

AARF (Animal Rescue)

The Abandoned Animals Rescue Foundation (AARF) is a non-profit club that strives to better the lives of stray animals. We raise awareness for abandoned animals in Taiwan and promote adopting over buying pets. We have various outings, in which club members get to interact with dogs and cats by walking them and caring for them. Furthermore, we hold bake sales throughout the year and all proceeds go to Animals Taiwan. AARF works toward educating the community on the issue of abandoned animals while giving members a chance to interact with these wonderful animals!

Amnesty International

Amnesty international Amnesty International (AI) is an international NGO which conducts extensive research on human rights violations, aims to spread awareness on these issues globally, and seeks to demand justice against human rights abuses. Our club at TAS is nested under Amnesty International in Taiwan. At school, we raise awareness on human rights issues and fundraise through hosting a variety of activities such as AI Cafe, Write for Rights, annual art auctions and our Human Rights Week. Along with our club sales, we set up petition booths where the school community is called upon to learn about Amnesty’s cases and participate in AI’s petitions. It is impossible to eliminate all human rights abuses globally; still, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


We are a group of people who enjoy the Japanese subculture and we are hoping to get to know each other better through this common interest to make our high school lives more interesting.


APPS Club is a club that gathers computer science lovers and people who loves/wants to learn computer science together through our various events. We do events such as Codemania, a community-service based event which helps lower school and middle school students of our school learn coding and help them become interested to pursue a career in the computer science field. We also do computer science-related activities which mostly helps the school community.

Art Honor Society

Taipei American School Art Honor Society is an academic organization that aims to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability in and passion for art. AHS honors art in all its sundry forms and the talented, academically rigorous student-artists who create it, with the goal of assisting members in reaching their highest potential in all forms of art and raising awareness of art education throughout the school and community. Ultimately, we hope to revolutionize, redefine, and celebrate art through the education and empowerment of young scholar-artists.

Artist Support Group

Artist Support Group is a club that hosts art workshops and community service activities to promote the improvement of artists through communication and interaction.

Athletic Council

Athletic Council is an organization known for developing volunteer work geared toward the TAS community and serving for them by cooking food, scoring games and providing a better TAS environment.

Back 2 Back

Back 2 Back will focus on understanding and supporting those who are suffering from spinal cord injuries and diseases. Fund raising efforts will support local organizations and hospitals that are working to alleviate spinal cord suffering.

Better Me Project

The Better Me Project aims to encourage self-motivation and personal growth through goalsetting and information sharing. The intent is to help individuals to set short and long term goals, while providing valuable, applicable knowledge to help faciliate growth and accomplishment of their goals. The BMP hopes to provide additional support for healthy living, physical improvement, and the promotion of a growth-mindset throughout the school.

Big Buddy Program

The Big Buddy program provides Upper School students with the knowledge and experience in general child-development milestones, active communication skills, and problem-solving techniques. TAS students interested in impacting the life of a youngster are trained to become mentors for Lower School students in TAS. The Big Buddy Program organizes activities that focus primarily on aiding the relationship between the paired “buddies” through group bonding, which involves playing interactive games and engaging in lots of communication.

Business Club

The purpose of this club is to provide our TAS students the opportunity to have a more in-depth understanding of Taiwan’s business environment, market systems, entrepreneurships, and especially its business ethic. To achieve this goal, this club will offer speeches from guest speakers, site-visits of local companies, and internal discussions.

Calligraphy Club

Calligraphy Club is an interest club that invites not only TAS students but also the faculty and staff to practice Chinese calligraphy and meet fellow calligraphers. In weekly meetings, members immerse in calligraphy, understand the beauty of words, and train their patience and concentration. We also promote Chinese calligraphy in the TAS community through Food Fair fan sales, couplets writing during Chinese New Year, and the annual calligraphy exhibition.

Cambodia Service Initiative

We seek to raise awareness about substandard living conditions in Cambodia through partnerships with Cambodian organizations, service trips, fundraisers, and more. We strive to make a difference for Cambodian people by making positive changes in their lives.

Chess Club

The TAS Chess Club welcomes players of all levels of experience to play in both friendly and competitive chess in local, national, and international tournaments. Lessons for members will be held around the year, on topics such as basics, tactical sequences and combinations, exploring and building opening repertoires, strategic attacks and defenses, and endgame theory. Advanced members can focus on the hypermodernism school of chess. Meetings are casual, and members get to play friendly games with other members, in addition to the optional serious tournament preparation available for members interested in competitions.

Chinese Honor Society

Chinese Honor Society is a community dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Chinese culture and language in Taipei American School. Through educational activities such as games, presentations, and sales, members not only have the opportunity to learn about the Chinese language and culture, but are also given the ability to promote the culture within our school community.

Chinese Performing Arts Club

CPAC is a club dedicated not only to the performing arts but also Chinese culture as a whole. We aim to connect our members with the culture through practicing and performing throughout the school year.

Classics Club

Classics Club is an interest-based club that seeks to celebrate the importance of ancient Greek and Roman culture and language in understanding the modern world we all share. Our members, ranging from students enrolled in AP and IB Latin to those who have never formally studied either Latin or Greek, are united by their shared love of classical culture.

Computer Science Team

The Computer Science Team (CST) offers programming experience and lessons on mathematical computer science theories and concepts. The members compete all year round in ACSL, an international competition, in order to qualify to go to the All Stars contest in May.


TAS ConNeKt is devoted to raising awareness for members of the Taipei American School community and the greater Taipei community regarding the ongoing crisis in North Korea. The fundamental goal is to help our community develop a greater understanding regarding the human rights violations in North Korea, as well as assist and financially support the rescue of North Korean refugees fleeing out of China and into Southeast Asia. The club holds as its mission to spread courage and hope to North Koreans and their futures, as well as encourage our community to care more about this dire situation.

Controlled Button Mashing

Get stress relief through playing Super Smash Bros while also building and smashing bonds at the same time. (Interest based group/club)

Dance Honor Society

DHS is a society that promotes dance throughout TAS. As an honor society, we recognize the passion and dedication that students put into dance. The students inducted into DHS commit themselves to the art of dance and to spreading their appreciation of it throughout our community. Although applications are required to be a part of the club, many of our events are public, and we highly encourage everyone to join us in celebrating and expanding our dance community.

Developing Nations Initiative

Developing Nations Initiative is a club committed to alleviating poverty through microfinance, which gives loans to entrepreneurs to start up or better their businesses.


DigniFight is a club dedicated to intersectional feminism, and we support the Desert Flower Foundation, an organization that sponsors girls in West Africa who are vulnerable to FGM (female genital mutilation). DigniFight hosts discussions on feminism and social justice topics during meetings and raises funds for the Desert Flower Foundation. We are currently sponsoring a child, Fatmata Kamara, in Sierra Leone to ensure she will not be mutilated and provide for her education.

Doctor's Without Borders

Doctors without borders aka Médecins Sans Frontièresis is a club supporting the organization that supports the idea that health care is a human right. We aim to spread the awareness that medical care should be allowed everywhere, not just places where it's legal. Through fundraising events, we aid medical experts all over the globe helping patients in areas where medical care is scarce. Join to fight for medical rights!

DRM Ensemble

This club aims to spread music awareness and enjoyment for students who may not be able to participate in music courses. Members will prepare for performances in local hospitals and community events.

Dumbledore’s Army

Dumbledore’s Army is a cross between a service and interest club. All of our profits are donated to the Harry Potter Alliance, an organization in which Harry Potter fans fight for for equality, human rights, and literacy. We often host activities like movie watching or making themed treats!

EcoHike Club

The EcoHike club provides opportunity for students to learn about sustainability and environmental protection through involvement in mountain and trail hikes in the local area. Fundraising will support the work of the Society of Wilderness Foundation.

Entrepreneurship Club, Powered by MIT Launch

This club will teach members the basics of starting a company through entrepreneurship projects, such as the entrepreneurship business dealership plan. We also do entrepreneurship-related activities that helps people become interested in starting a business.


The Eyesee club strives to raise awareness of the visually impaired and help them through various means to achieve two goals. One, helping the visually impaired perceive themselves as normal human beings. Two, help them live a normal human lives by reducing the impact of their disabilities.

Film Club

Film Club provides the opportunity for like-minded students who share a love of filmmaking to gather and produce works of cinematographic art. We pride ourselves on the freedom of expression and the creative space that we have established as a club. (Must be read in a British accent)

Forensics Society

Forensics Society is a club in which students are encouraged to develop and cultivate their public speaking and debate skills. Members are trained during weekly practices and offered numerous opportunities for competition, such as the Tiger Classics or the IASAS Cultural Convention. Our activities and training culminate each year with the National Forensics League National Speech and Debate Tournament hosted in the United States, where we bring a team of our best speakers and debaters to compete.

Formosa Newspaper Club (Blue and Green)

The Formosa Newspaper Club is an interest club that provides the opportunity for students that are passionate about or want to know about Taiwan or current events to convene. Members express their opinions through articles that they write for periodic issues of the Blue and Green newspaper. We publish about anything related to Taiwan, domestic and international politics, analysis of current events, and insights on Taiwanese sociocultural developments through the lens of this multicultural community, which is TAS.

Girl Up

Girl Up is an organization under the United Nations which works to empower teenage girls across the world via support from schools and colleges. Its key projects are in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Liberia, and Malawi, Uganda and India where it works to improve girls' education, health, safety, and leadership. Within TAS, Girl Up aims to generate more in depth conversations on international and domestic issues relating to feminism and empowering women and girls to make a change in their own lives, while creating a more inclusive and open-minded school community.

Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM aims to spread awareness regarding the gender disparity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. We serve to encourage girls in breaking gender barriers to participate in subjects they are interested in. We are not a femenist club and we don't exclude boys from participating; we simply hope that our activities will provide an environment where girls are inspired to pursue STEM. Events we host include STEMania, an annual outreach event for lower school students at TAS where we guide them through a series of STEM activities, and an annual interactive presentation to eighth graders on Upper School CS/Robotics courses and extracurriculars to encourage them to pursue STEM in high school.


HALO (Holding A Little One) is a community service club driven by the simple belief that every child deserves to feel loved and to be loved. Thus, HALO has one simple goal and that is to be actively dedicated in serving the Christian Salvation Service (CSS Orphanage). Through weekly outings over the school year, we help take care of babies and stimulate them with love and affection. Not only do we provide physical support or care through outings, but we also have face painting activities during the annual Food Fair and Spring Fair. HALO also have various sales throughout the school year to raise money and to provide monetary support to the orphanage. We promise it will make you feel all warm and fluffy inside as you spread love to those who need it most.


Harmonix is separated into two groups: World Harmony and Live Harmonix. World Harmony gathers numbers of talented composers and musicians to collaborate with other service clubs to compose music which raises awareness about global issues. World Harmony gives you a chance to explore different genre of music and helps you learn about the issues around the world. Live Harmonix also consists of talented musicians, mostly singers, who perform music at a variety of school events including charity concerts. Harmonix club helps that people enjoy music and inspire others to help out the global community.

Hip Hop Club

The Hip Hop Club is a club that is fully dedicated to hip hop culture. We host club meetings where people are free to rap, breakdance and/or beat-box. Our purpose is to create an environment where people are free to engage and try out these different aspects of hip hop. We welcome anyone from those who are experienced to those who just want to learn and have fun.

I Care

I Care is a interactive service club that strives to create an environment where physical impairments are not preventive measures, empowering our students to freely explore their interests. Our members go to the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired and guide them through activities ranging from doing arts and crafts to applying make-up to playing board games.


iGEM stands for the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition and it is the world’s premier competition for synthetic biology. Students participating in the iGEM competition will design and build synthetic DNA from standardized biological parts in order to be operated in living cells. All 4 areas of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) will be utilized in this competition, making it a truly interdisciplinary endeavor. Last year, the TAS debut team became finalists among 54 other global teams, was awarded with the iGEMer’s prize by being voted best project, and won best website. This year’s high school competition will be held at MIT in June 2015. Members of the club will be introduced to iGEM, and participate in the team’s research, human practice and computer modeling efforts.

ILA Fashion Club

ILA Fashion Club is a club where outstanding artists, designers, models, and other individuals come together to celebrate and appreciate the arts and designs within TAS. The ILA Fashion Club holds Fashion Shows, in which talented designers get the chance to showcase their work down the runway and enjoy a fabulous time with a tight-knit community.


Interact is a club where high schoolers can interact with the lower school students in weekly reading workshops. The spirit of our club is to foster an enjoyable learning environment.

Japanese Honor Society

The purpose of Japanese Honor Society is to promote awareness and appreciation for traditional and modern Japanese culture. Japanese Honor Society proudly practices and fulfills the Japanese tenets of loyalty, respect, and diligence. With the assistance of selectively chosen members who show genuine dedication to this cause, Japanese Honor Society works for the benefit of the community while upholding these values.

Kendo Club

We are bringing a part of Japanese culture to TAS through the form of activity that combines martial arts practices and values with strenuous sport-like physical activity. Kendo is a sport that places great importance on etiquette. It is a modern Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armour.

Key Club

Key Club is the oldest and one of the largest community service clubs in the US. It is a life-changing experience that motivates youth to learn the important aspects of leadership while giving members opportunities to provide service and build character in communities worldwide. In TAS Key Club, we perform acts of service, such as weekly baby home visits, beach and park clean-ups, badminton tournaments, fundraising events, and much more.

LGBTQ Alliance

The TAS LGBT Alliance strives to create an accepting environment for members of the LGBT community at TAS, in addition to promoting LGBT culture at TAS. The TAS LGBT Alliance creates a safe space for the LGBT community and promotes compassion, kindness and love in order to support the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s message of erasing hate.

Literature Club

The Literature Club is a group of students from all academic backgrounds and levels dedicated to their personal enlightenment and the common goal of becoming more human. Through the channels of literary analysis (via seasonal book clubs and seminars) and creative writing (in the form of writing workshops), we aim to engineer small-scale existential crises at our meetings to nudge our minds outside the box and in the direction of intellectual autonomy. (If this sounds dangerously dramatic, that’s because it is.) We want to blow our minds thinking about purposeful ways words come together to form meaning and make connections from text to context in various areas of human endeavor, including philosophy, psychology, and the sciences. Do join to become more mindful, empathetic, and insatiably curious. Newcomers welcome!

Make It Shine

Make It Shine! is a club focusing on children with special needs. Outings will be organized through Taiwan Sunshine, and club members will help organize and run an annual Taiwan Sunshine Hero Games event.

Make Up Club

A club for students who are interested in learning how to use makeup for personal and production purposes. The club will offer individual makeup tips as well as assistance for drama and dance productions.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is a United States nonprofit organization that works to improve the health of mothers and premature babies by funding their families and the research of premature babies. At TAS, our aim is to raise awareness in the school community, as not a lot of people know about this pressing issue. In our community, we raise money by holding lunch sales and participating in the TAS PTA Food and Spring Fairs.

Marine Conservation Club

Taipei American School’s Marine Conservation Club (MCC), the only TAS club that has been featured on CNN, is a student organization whose mission is to protect marine habitats both locally and abroad. As a club, we raise awareness of marine issues and promote sustainable development. MCC is constantly seeks new ways to make an impact, which is evident through initiatives such as the club sustainable utensil business. MCC works with local organizations and hosts events such as beach cleanups, competitions, and scientific demonstrations. With our funds, we contribute a variety of organizations, from NGOs that are conducting valuable environmental scientific research to groups on the front lines cleaning up the ocean and lobbying for sustainable policies.

Math and Psych Through Poker

The poker club is a team of poker lovers who, over the course of the year, increase their understanding of the game and become consistent and winning poker players. During club meetings, we play poker and present material to help members hone in on their poker skills. We also host live tournaments at the end of each semester where members can compete and apply their newfound knowledge.

Math Team

The Math Team is a group of self-motivated and committed students with an aptitude for math. We collaborate on challenging tasks and instill the value of mutual learning while honing our problem-solving skills, proof techniques, and critical thinking. During our meetings held weekly after school, we provide instruction through presentations and activities, work on problem sets, invite guest speakers, and participate in competitions. If you are interested to becoming part of Math Team, please contact your math teacher to be recommended for membership.

Mindwise (Mental Health)

Mindwise: Mental Health and Awarness Club, aims to educate the local community about different Mental Health Issues. The club also wants to end the stigma that comes with Mental Health. A person with mental health issues doesn’t always mean someone who needs to live in a mental asylum. People who suffer from ADD, ADHD, OCD, depression and stress are also people who have mental health problems. Everyone can suffer from mental health issues, so spreading awareness about mental health is important.

Minute Science

Minute Science is an interest club whose mission is to promote science learning outside of the classroom setting and foster a passion for science in students. The club does this through fun, short, and intriguing experiments and allows students to engage with an academic subject in an exploratory and low-pressure manner. Minute Science also donates the funds it earns to organizations that use science and research to help others, such as The Innocence Project.

Myanmar Service and Culture Club

Myanmar Service and Culture Club (MSCC) works with NGOs in Myanmar to uplift the poor people of Myanmar through service projects while also spreading awareness and appreciation for the culture of the third poorest country in Asia. MSCC today is the fastest growing service club in TAS, not to mention the first and only High School Club anywhere to be providing service in Myanmar. To that end, we fund raise the entire year in our club sales for an end of the year service trip available to our hardest working members. During the service trip, we travel for about a week where we help by building water reservoirs, building bridges, visiting schools, and volunteering at orphanages, all of which are paid for by our year’s fundraising efforts.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is based on the principles of academic achievement, character development, service to the community, and leadership. Together, we seek to improve our school and the world around us through helping both others and ourselves.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is dedicated to transforming the lives of children suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. We aim to raise awareness about this birth defect that inhibits the ability to breathe, eat, or smile. All of our proceeds go to families who cannot afford surgery and medical supplies for local communities. Every year, we hope to increase the number of surgeries that we are able to pay for, giving more children around the world the opportunity to smile.

Orphanage Club

Orphanage Club is the oldest student-run service club that helps the less privileged inside and outside of Taiwan such as people in Nepal, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, and various Orphanages in Taiwan. We’re one of the only clubs in TAS that includes both Upper and Middle school students. Our events include teaching visually impaired students weekly, hosting monthly outings for various Orphanages, as well as raising hunger awareness through our hungry week activities.

Partners in Health

Our mission is to provide a preferential opinion for the poor in health care. By establishing long-term relationships with sister organizations based in settings of poverty, Partners In Health strives to achieve two overarching goals: to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair.

People. Animals. Love.

People Animals and Love is a club that promotes a friendly community in where we respect an animal’s basic right of living. We believe that a vegan lifestyle is a great way to show compassion, address environmental issues and protect animals

Reach Out

Reach Out is a service club dedicated to welcoming new students to the TAS community as well as promoting wellbeing in the student body. Reach Out members are nominated by faculty members and are committed to serving students throughout TAS.

Remote English Mentoring

Remote English Mentoring (REM) is a club where members volunteer to teach English to students at Dong-Hai Elementary School, Taitung. Through weekly online video chat sessions, we guide them through our topic-based English curriculum. Every winter break, members travel to Taitung to physically meet the kids and host a series of interactive review games.


reTEK focuses on technological sustainability by giving new life to old electronics. We collect and recycle old devices, and spread awareness about the issues posed by e-waste.

Robotic Help Club

The Robotics Help club aims to teach robotics skills to disadvantaged children at the Ti Huei foster home. Fundraising will go towards equipment purchase for the children's home and educational programs.

Save the Children

Save the Children at TAS raises money for the Save the Children foundation, a non-profit organization that helps with immediate disaster relief around the world with essentials and medical care. Together, we join the movement in improving the general communities and environments of needy areas in 120 different countries and counting, providing a better future and more opportunities for children worldwide. We quote: "Children are a divine indication that the world should go on; let us not stop that sign at our generation."

Soccer Without Borders

The Soccer Without Borders organization aims to promote positive change by providing under-privileged kids with a toolkit to overcome obstacles and achieve personal success. The universality and accessibility of soccer allows individuals to build friendships, gain confidence, and experience success.

Spanish Honor Scociety

The Spanish Honor Society’s foremost goal is to promote understanding of and enthusiasm for the Spanish language and culture in the TAS community. Our funds go to Sightsavers, an organization dedicated to fighting avoidable blindness and creating equal opportunities for visually impaired people.

TAS Cancer Society

Established just seven years ago, TAS Cancer Society has emerged from a negligible minority amongst other clubs into a thriving success on its journey to fulfill its mission: to promote the direct care given to cancer patients, to provide indirect service to cancer research through fund raising, and to raise cancer awareness in the TAS community. Biweekly hospital outings to the Veteran’s Hospital facilitates developing bonds of joy and love between members and children afflicted with cancer and enables members to brighten up the patients’ lives through regular interactions. Furthermore, fund raisers such as Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Movember, and the World Cancer Day bake sale help gather charitable profits that are donated to cancer organizations as well as local hospitals. Cancer Society is dedicated to providing direct and indirect assistance to those suffering from various types of cancer. Cancer Society maintains its greatest efforts in expanding its horizons and continues to work on making a difference in our cancer-plagued world.

TAS Chef Club

The Chef Club aims to provide opportunity for students to learn culinary skills. Regular cooking events will be held.


The TAS DJ club allows opportunity for students to learn how to be a music DJ, and provides club members the opportunity for involvement in hosting DJ events for student enjoyment.

TAS Journalism (B+G, Yearbook)

TAS Journalism is a collaboration between Yearbook and the Blue & Gold. Yearbook is a historically significant part of high school and its crew is trained through diverse workshops to become valid journalists and photographers. The Blue and Gold is an online and print newspaper that is published regularly and is dedicated to providing a greater voice to the student body. Students who participate in this club will have the opportunity to take photographs, write articles, learn layout design, and most importantly, make an impact through journalistic media.

TAS Red Cross

The TAS Red Cross Club is affiliated with the local Red Cross Society of Taiwan. TAS RC serves to raise appreciation of well-being along with awareness of the RC mission within the TAS community. Throughout the school year, we hold fundraising sales for humanitarian means, volunteer for Taiwan Sunshine’s “I Am a Hero Games” (Special Olympics), carry out homeless outreaches, and contribute to TAS food fairs. In particular, we hold Red Cross Blood Pressure Measuring and Basic Life Support License trainings for members to not only learn but apply and educate others of these meaningful and lifesaving skills. The Red Cross club is more than happy to welcome interested students to join because the more dedicated members we have, the more beneficial we are to the community. Join the Red Cross Club to gain invaluable experience and have lots of fun!

TAS TYPT (Physics Club)

The Physics Team (despite the name) is a club for anyone passionate about not only physics, but also math, design, computer science, or even debate. Each year we receive a list of hard physics problems involving diverse topics ranging from fluid dynamics, to kinematics, to light and optics. For each problem, we conduct research, design experiments, and collect data in order to find the best answer. Oftentimes, the process takes several months from start to finish including months of refining our answer until we reach a final presentable form. At the end of the year we participate in a regional debate tournament (TYPT), where we argue the merits of our results against upwards of 20 other Taiwanese teams. Just last year one of our teams achieved gold at the competition, and our second team achieved silver. 

TASRC (Running)

TASRC (TAS Running Club) is a club for anyone passionate about running, interested in training for cross country or track and field season, or eager to exercise with friends. This club focuses primarily on offseason training (season 2 and 4) since members will have the opportunity to tryout for cross country or track. We will have two optional running day each week (Tuesday and Thursday) where new and existing members will run together depending on fitness level. Throughout the year, we will also participate in road races in Taipei. Members can choose to set time goals, race against friends, or simply get a nice run with thousands of passionate runners in Taipei. If any members gets prizes/money from the competition, we will donate them to the Alliance Foundation for underprivileged footwears.

Teach and Reach

Teach and Reach is a service club dedicated to the spread of education and teaching of English. We work with three different local schools around Taipei to teach and promote the use of conversational English. On our outings, we provide our club members an opportunity to engage in community service through leading lesson plans and interacting with local school students.


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.)

Thespian Honor Society

The Thespian Honor Society is an international honor society at TAS that recognizes students’ passion and dedication to theater, both those who pursue the dramatic arts and those who use their knowledge of technical theater to make the drama productions possible. Even though THS is an honor society, many of its events are open to anyone who has a passion for theater. The Thespian Honor Society tries to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to prospective actors, crew, techies, or anyone who just wants to try it out. If you wish to join the Thespian Honor Society the officers will be sure to help guide you through the application process and assist you in achieving everything you need to join. THS is like a big family, and we would love for you to join.

Tri-M Honor Society

As a program of the National Association for Music Education, the Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international organization for high school students. It is aimed towards recognizing students for their outstanding musical achievements, rewarding them for service activities, and inspiring others to strive for excellence in music and leadership. Through 5,500 chartered chapters across the globe, the Tri-M Music Honor Society has helped thousands of students provide service through music to their local communities and raise funds for non-profit organizations. Tri-M Honor Society at TAS is focused on supporting and running TAS concerts smoothly by setting up the stage. Tri-M also hosts the Annual Tri-M Charity Concert which showcases the musical talent of TAS students through a formal concert with the proceeds donated to St. Anne’s Home.


TAS UNICEF is a humanitarian organization that serves to fight for children’s rights, survival, development, and protection. We aim to educate, advocate, and fundraise in the TAS community to save children around the globe. Throughout the year, this club will hold various fundraisers such as having lunch sales and participating in fairs. All proceeds go to the UNICEF organization.

Wish 4 Kids

Wish for Kids is a club that aims to fulfill the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions. All the money we receive through donations and fundraisers is donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, our charity. Throughout the year, we work with the foundation (volunteer training, volunteer work, Wish Granting Ceremonies) and hold multiple fundraisers and donation drives throughout the school year to raise the amount of money needed to grant these wish cases.


World Love Organization

World Love Organization aims to bring awareness and raise funds for various environmental issues. Our mission is to focus in on a specific issue within a pre-planned period of time and devote our resources to the cause. We will work to raise money for various foundations and charities throughout the year with the common objective of improving the beautiful world we live in. In order to raise student awareness, we will periodically go on outings to various animal shelters over the course of the school year where students can help out and grasp the importance of preserving our world.

World Vision

World Vision is an organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities who are struggling economically. We donate money from our bake and rose sales as well as from our food fair and spring fair each year to sponsor about 15 kids in East Asia. We also run the Sunshine Program, in which we volunteer at St. Annes Home for the disabled.

New Panel

TAS Artificial Intelligence Club

Our goal is to promote an increased understanding of artificial intelligence technology, a revolutionary force in both industry and research, among students at TAS.  Through member presentations and group discussions, we explore the applications of AI to various fields and aspects of society, as well as the more technical aspects of how AI systems work and function.

TAS Functional Programming Club

Our goal is to teach the concepts and principles of functional programming through the programming language Haskell.  In meetings, we explore both the syntax and features of the programming language itself as well as how these features embody more general principles of functional programming.

The Horizon Science Research Journal

Our goal is to promote the exciting scientific research taking place at TAS and in the broader scientific community through our magazine issues.  With our ever-growing coverage of scientific advances, as well as with features on scientific topics and interviews with TAS science staff, we aim to promote a deeper love of and increased creative thinking on science.  Members interested in either research, journalism, or both are welcome to join.