Student Government

Leadership is integral to the TAS education. The Student Government is a huge platform for leadership, as it is the advisory and coordinating body for all student activities and communications between students and the faculty and administration, in order to provide the best student experience.

Student Government, or StuGov, is dedicated to upholding the spirit, unity, and traditions of the school, as well as promoting the interests and meeting the needs of the student body.

The Student Government is composed of elected officers who form the Executive Council and members who help to carry out initiatives and activities. The StuGov Executive Council works to achieve the goals set forth in the mission statement, represents the students, and is responsible for the oversight of all government activities.

Members of the Executive Council are elected by the student body and consist of the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary/Treasurer and three Activities Heads. They meet with both the Student Government members and Class Government officers to tackle timely student issues.

StuGov organizes a number of fun and exciting events for students throughout the year, including field day, spirit week, and frolic.



At the end of the first semester, StuGov hosts the highly anticipated Frolic dance. This is a semi-formal dance that takes place at a local hotel in Taipei City. Each year takes on a different theme, from Vegas to The Pier. It is a fun way for students to wind down following the completion of Semester 1 final exams.

Field Day

Field Day is a day of fun and competition that takes place part way through the first semester. Students dress up in class colors and then compete in events against other classes and advisory groups. Students vie for top place in a number of competitions, such as dodgeball, hungry hippos, basket bonanza, and ultimate rock, paper, scissors. Scores are tallied and points are awarded as part of the spirit week competition that takes place during the second semester.

Spirit Week

Spirit Week is the third major event sponsored by StuGov. It is a week-long competition with Dress Up days (such as Pajama Monday and Sport Thursday), class games, class cheers, a massive airband competition, and a class video. Points are tallied up over the course of the week with the winning class announced at the end of the week.