Student Life

As part of the School’s ongoing commitment to Wellness, the Upper School makes great efforts in establishing a sense of community and ensuring each and every member feels welcomed to that community.

Outside the rigorous academic schedule, students have opportunity and dedicated space to socialize. Whether playing games in the courtyard or making lasting friendships in the Legacy Commons, students have ample opportunity to interact with one another in a supportive community. Taking advantage of their downtime to socialize is an important component to the development of a student’s mental and emotional well-being.

Legacy Commons

The Legacy Commons is a stunning, brightly lit space adjacent to the Cafeteria. Students use the Legacy Commons as place to meet with friends, eat lunch, collaborate on projects in an informal setting, or relax when the occasion calls for it. The Legacy Commons is a space designated for Upper School students only. Board and table games are provided for the enjoyment of students. Monitors in this location advertise upcoming events and important announcements, as well as the occasional live game or newscast.

Courtyard Community

The Courtyard serves a number of important functions, from club food sales to meeting spaces during nice weather. The courtyard is located between the Legacy Commons and the Upper School Science and Technology Building, making it an ideal location to host community building events. Games like Spikeball and KanJam can be borrowed from the Upper School Student Dean’s Office, music can be heard emanating from the PTA provided Bose speaker system, and special events are hosted after school throughout the year. A favorite is the outdoor movie night where popular flicks are played on a big screen while popcorn and other snacks are served to moviegoers. Students are encouraged to use this space to develop community and friendships.

StuGov Events

StuGov puts on a number of wonderful school community building events and activities each year, such as Frolic, Field Day, and Spirit Week. These activities are designed to bolster Tiger spirit and a stronger sense of belonging among students and faculty. Learn more about these events on the StuGov page.

Class Events