Facilities Rental Process

Updated August, 2018

Taipei American School cares deeply about the health, safety, and security of our students. The following process was designed to support our wellness initiative and create a protective and supportive environment where our community members can hone their athletic skills, build lively competitive attitudes, foster healthy habits and participate in an active lifestyle.

Facility rentals are processed through the Facilities Office. Reservations must be made through the FMX online reservation system accessed via the Parents' Portal section of the TAS website. The Facilities Office is no longer able to accept rental reservations over the phone or via email.

Facility Fees - TAS will assign appropriate fees for use of its athletic facilities. These fees will be invoiced at the conclusion of the rental for single events. Recurring rentals will be invoiced at the end of the rental period. Invoices must be paid at the Cashier?s Office near the main lobby.
All TAS athletic facilities are to be used only and exclusively by current TAS students, TAS faculty and staff, TAS parents and TAS alumni. Due to safety, security and liability concerns existing TAS policies and procedures do not permit guests (individuals without an official connection to TAS) to use our athletic facilities. TAS Security will not allow individuals to access the TAS campus without a TAS security ID card.

Athletic Facility use priority will be given as follows:

  1. TAS educational activities and TAS sanctioned events
  2. Taipei Youth Program Association (TYPA) activities
  3. Parent, Faculty, and Alumni-booked rentals

The following outline summarizes the rental process:

  1. If the Renter will be employing a private coach or tutor (someone who is not a current TAS parent, faculty/staff member, or alumnus and/or who does not have a TAS security ID card) then the Renter must successfully complete the application and approval process to get the coach a TAS security ID card.  For more information on private coaches click here.
  2. Renters must read and understand their responsibilities as outlined in the Rental Agreement. A generic copy of the full Rental Agreement can be found here.
  3. The Facilities Office cannot book rental requests in person, over the phone or by email. Every Renter must submit all their rental requests through the FMX reservation system. The FMX request system is connected to the Parent Portal on the TAS website and can be accessed here.
  4. Once a rental request has been entered the Renter will receive an automated email acknowledging their rental request has been submitted.
  5. TAS staff evaluates, approves or denies all rental requests. Please allow at least 2 TAS business days for processing.
  6. Renters must inform all participants (or their legal guardians) of the inherent risks in participating in the rental event.
  7. If approved, the Renter will receive a cost estimate and a digital copy of the Rental Agreement and Facilities Use Rules by email. Renters must submit their assent to the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement to progress to the next step. Simply receiving the digital copy of the Rental Agreement is not enough.
  8. Once the Renter agrees to the terms and conditions of the digital Rental Agreement they must visit the TAS Facilities Office in person and sign the actual (hard copy) version of the Rental Agreement. Only then will the rental request be finalized and the requested facility and time locked in.
  9. The Renter must communicate any changes (including cancellations) to the TAS facilities office no less than two days before the date and time of their scheduled rental.
  10. Due to safety concerns the Renter must also communicate any changes in the number of participants to the facilities office and make sure that TAS Security is aware of the updated number when the Renter (or other adult supervisors) arrive at TAS.
  11. Renters will not be granted early access to the facilities.  Any set up time is part of the 90 minute rental period.
  12. At the start of the rental time a member of the TAS facilities staff or TAS Security will unlock the facility, greet the Renter and/or their designated adult supervisors, and ask the Renter, the coach, or another authorized representative to inspect the facilities and sign a Facilities Condition Statement attesting that the facilities are clean and safe.
  13. At the end of the rented time slot the Renter will return the rented facility to the condition in which it was received.  Renters must vacate the rental space at the conclusion of their 90 minute rental slot; no additional time is allotted for dismantling or breaking down equipment.
  14. One time rental events will be invoiced after the event has concluded.  Recurring events will be invoiced the appropriate fees at the end of the rental period. The fee schedule can be found here. Additional information about the rental fees can be found in the Rental Agreement.

All Renter responsibilities are further defined in the Facilities Use Rules section of the Rental Agreement.