Facilities Use Guidelines Summary

Updated August, 2018

As a community dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment where our children can learn, grow, and develop the Taipei American School has divisional standards that we follow at all times. Age-appropriate standards have been developed by our Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School to provide guidance to the adult members of our community on how to support our children, teach them kindness, compassion, integrity and provide skills they will need in life.

The following guidelines are just a brief summary of the Facilities Use Rules included in the Rental Agreement. It is the responsibility of every Renter and their event participants to understand and abide by the complete set of Facilities Use Rules included in the Rental Agreement, and are found here.

  1. Renters are responsible for the actions of the adults participating in the rental space during their event
  2. Facilities are to be returned to their original condition upon conclusion of the rental period.
  3. Appropriate adult supervision must be present in all facilities when in use.
  4. TAS facilities are available for rent for TAS students, parents and alumni. Divisional standards do not allow guests who do not have an official affiliation with or connection to TAS.
  5. Facility renters are not allowed access to rented spaces before or after their reserved time slot even if the space is not being used and rented time slots are inclusive of setup and take-down of equipment.
  6. TAS activities have priority for all facilities.
  7. Gym reservations do not include equipment, balls, etc. except volleyball nets, basketball hoops and TAS badminton standards (Renters must provide their own badminton nets).
  8. Renters who will not be using their reserved time slot on any given day are to notify the facilities office at least two TAS business days in advance.
  9. There are three rental periods per TAS school year and Renters with existing rental recurrences may roll their reserved time slot into the next rental period.
  10. Renters may rent a specific time slot for an entire rental period, but are limited to one, 90 minute time slot per week.
  11. Rental reservations are non-transferable.
  12. Failure to abide by Taiwanese law, IASAS Rules and Policies, and/or all TAS Rules, Regulations, Policies, Standard Operating Procedures and/or the TAS Civility Clause will result in discipline.

The Taipei American School is a non-smoking, alcohol-free, and drug-free facility.