Private and-or Outside Coaches

Updated August, 2018
Taipei American School is committed to the health, safety, and security of our students. Our rules and policies ensure students enjoy an environment where they can develop their athletic skills and participate in a healthy active lifestyle while still enjoying the care, support, and protection of the TAS community.

Parents employing private outside coaches must complete the application process and receive written pre-approval for each outside coach in order to bring the outside coach on campus for a rental booking.

The application and approval process includes:

  1. An application form and acceptance of parental liability for coach actions.
  2. Each coach must go through a background check conducted by TAS's Human Resources Department.
  3. Starting in the Spring (second) semester of the 2018-2019 school year, coaches must submit valid Red Cross (or equivalent) basic first aid, CPR, and AED certifications.
  4. A completed and signed coaches liability waiver form from each coach.
  5. A scheduled visit for the coach to come to TAS to receive a TAS security ID card.

Please allow two TAS business days after the first three steps have been completed for TAS review and processing.

Upon successful completion of the application and background check process (including the submission of a valid first aid/AED/CPR certificate to TAS HR) the coach will be eligible to receive a TAS security ID card. Rental reservation holders will be notified when their coach has passed the application and approval process and when the coach can schedule an appointment with TAS Security to have a photograph taken and receive their security ID card. During this appointment they will be presented the Coaches Liability Waiver to sign (a copy of the waiver can be found here). This process must be completed before the coach is allowed on campus. This background check and pre-approval process must be completed annually.  The Facilities Office will send out reminders one month in advance of this annual update (in late August each year)

Coaches? TAS security ID cards will be retained at the main TAS Security Booth. Coaches must surrender their TAS security ID cards upon exiting the TAS grounds.

Starting the second (spring) semester of the 2018-2019 school year as part of the pre-approval process private outside coaches must submit valid Red Cross (or equivalent) Basic First Aid, CPR and AED certifications. These courses are available online on the Red Cross website for a fee. TAS will not cover the expense of these courses.

All coaches are expected to be familiar with and follow all TAS and IASAS rules, guidelines, policies and procedures governing student eligibility and prohibitions/restrictions on non-league play and unofficial/non-school sponsored team and/or individual activities.

Facilities renters must provide the name of their approved private coach (if applicable) at the time of booking. TAS holds sponsoring parents liable and responsible for all activities of their coach while they are on campus. Outside coaches are permitted to access TAS athletics facilities only if a rental is scheduled, if their name has been submitted and only after 7PM Monday-Friday and throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. Access to the TAS campus and specifically athletic facility spaces at any other time is strictly prohibited. Formal requests for local or outside coaches to access the facilities before 7PM on weekdays will be considered for approval by the Facilities Office on a case-by-case basis.
Any changes involving outside coaches must be communicated to the Facilities Office two TAS working days in advance of a reservation.

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