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Student Life

Be Well to Do Well:
Student Life Inside and Outside the Classroom

A Holistic Experience

With a scholastic tradition spanning seven decades, Taipei American School has created a unique, joyful atmosphere.

We harness students' natural independence, curiosity, and enthusiasm, and guide them through the delight of discovery — where learning is both fun and meaningful.

While striving for the highest standards of academic rigor, we balance scholarly pursuits with opportunities and activities to nurture well-rounded, successful individuals who can flourish at school and beyond.  

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Prioritizing Student Joy 

Hear from Dr. Liz Gale, Deputy Head of School about the importance of the joyful, mission-driven student life program at TAS. 


Always on a Mission — Even Outside the Classroom

Cementing our dedication, every facet of our student life program is anchored in the TAS mission and values. This ensures that beyond academic achievements, students are imbued with values, experiences, and a sense of purpose that resonates with our longstanding vision and commitment to holistic education. We use the mission and values as our compass, and they help to anchor us as to what programs to continue, to develop further — and, occasionally, to omit or discontinue.

Our mission extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. It's about instilling an enduring commitment to learning, personal well-being, and service. We aim to develop students of character, armed with knowledge and empathy, ready to make impactful changes in our global community. All aspects of TAS - including its student life offerings - lead back to what we say we will accomplish in our mission.

Dr. Liz Gale, Deptuy Head oF School

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