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A Wide Range of Student Activities & Clubs

From baking and biking to hip hop and hiking, TAS offers over 100 clubs and activities for our students to showcase their talents at the local, national, and international levels through competitions and community conferences.

In eighth grade, I didn’t know a thing about MUN. I really persevered to become a better delegate. It has, without a doubt, helped me improve on my public speaking.

TAS Alumnus, '22

Whether you're interested in woodworking, environmental protection, photography, or language, there are tons of activities to choose from. See our offerings for each division below.


Explore Our Clubs & Activities

Lower School Clubs & Activities

Musical Theater Production and Crew - Grade 5

Each year, Grade 5 stages a musical production that is performed in the spring. There are opportunities for students to be involved both onstage and backstage. The musical does require a time commitment after school and students will get the chance to learn more about this responsibility before they commit to taking part in the show. No acting/stage experience is required and any interested student is encouraged to join. Past productions have included The Phantom Tollbooth JR, The Rainbow Fish, and Seussical KIDS.

Chinese Culture Club

The Lower School Chinese Culture Club is an after-school club that promotes Chinese language and culture for Learner Track students in Grades K to 5. The sessions are led by TAS Mandarin teachers and local university graduate students from the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Children have opportunities to engage in conversations and do hands-on activities.

Green Club

The Lower School Green Club aims to inspire a sense of empathy, belonging, and responsibility for the natural world and to raise awareness of our environmental footprint, both individually and as a community. Students will work in groups to continue cultivating the balcony garden and also to learn more about ways to reduce waste as a school and to share this learning with the school community. The club meets twice a month and is sponsored by Lower School teachers.

Swim Zone

The Swimzone program is open to students in Grades K-5 and focuses on water familiarization, blowing bubbles, floating, gliding, kicking and the development of freestyle and backstroke swimming skills. Locally certified instructors teach the classes under the supervision of TAS Aquatics Faculty.

Tiger Sharks Swim Team

The Tigersharks Swim Team is an option for more advanced swimmers that focuses on developing swimming skills related to the sport of swimming. Participants should be able to comfortably lap-swim using freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, with good technique.

Tigersharks is offered to TAS Lower, Middle and Upper School students in Seasons 1, 3 and 4.

Lower School students interested in Tigersharks should attend a swimming assessment to ensure participation will be an enjoyable experience and will meet their individual needs.

Music Program: Orff, Band, Strings, and Choir (this activity is a curricular requirement)

Our TAS Music Program provides all Lower School students with a solid foundation of musical skills and knowledge through both our Classroom Music classes and our Music Activity Program. Orff class involves students in making music using speech, singing, Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels), drums, un-pitched percussion, improvisation, and dance/movement. During the year students rotate in groups through four activities, each taught by a different teacher. Students in Strings can take beginner-level violin and cello group classes (Grade 3) and intermediate-level violin classes (audition-only in Grade 3), and, in Grade 4, beginning viola, beginning violin, intermediate and advanced violin, and beginning and continuing cello.


Middle School Clubs & Activities

Middle School Clubs rotate on a "block" schedule and there are 4 blocks each year.

Clubs are separated into "drop-in" and "commitment" clubs. Students do not need to attend each weekly meeting of a drop-in club, however, students who join a commitment club must be prepared to attend every session of this club.

Over the year, the following commitment clubs (where students must attend every session) may be offered, depending on student interest:

  • Competitive Bots
  • Dance Lab
  • Film Making Club
  • Make it!
  • Model United Nations - Travel Team
  • Orphanage Club
  • Play Performance Club
  • Speech and Debate - Tournament Team
  • Film Making Club
  • Math Counts
  • Fantasy Baseball Club
  • The Middle School Musical
  • Mudworks Ceramics
  • NBA Fantasy Football
  • Play Performance Club
  • Technical Theater Club
  • ACE - Aviation Explorers Club

Over the year, the following drop in clubs (where students are not required to attend every session) may be offered, depending on student interest:

  • Climbing Club
  • Friday Game Club
  • Growl - Student Newspaper
  • Kiva Club
  • Knots of Love
  • Odyssey - Science Beyond the Classroom
  • Photography Club
  • Project Lit Club
  • Rainbow Tigers
  • Speech and Debate - Non Tournament Team
  • Calligraphy Club
  • Remote English Mentoring
  • Taiwan Culture Club
  • Table Tennis Club
Upper School Clubs & Activities
The Club descriptions below are for SY23-24, and are shared directly by the student leaders!

AARF (Animal Rescue)

The Abandoned Animals Rescue Foundation (AARF) is a non-profit club that strives to better the life of stray dogs. Our goal is to raise awareness for abandoned animals in Taiwan and promote adopting over buying pets. AARF also works on educating the community on the issues of abandoned animals while giving members a chance to interact with these wonderful animals!

Alliance Football Community (AFC)

Over two years ago, we started collecting used soccer equipment, sorting it, and visiting Taiwanese schools to donate this equipment to the students there. Our primary goal was to help develop their soccer and athletic programs, so that students could benefit physically and mentally from playing a sport that we are all passionate about. We have supported five schools in rural areas of Taiwan over the past two years, and we hope to continue expanding our project and give athletic opportunities to a wider range of Taiwanese students.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International (AI) is an international NGO which conducts extensive research on human rights violations, aims to spread awareness on these issues globally, and seeks to demand justice against human rights abuses. Our club at TAS is nested under Amnesty International in Taiwan. At school, we raise awareness on human rights issues and fundraise through hosting a variety of activities such as AI Cafe, Write for Rights, annual art auctions and our Human Rights Week. Along with our club sales, we set up petition booths where the school community is called upon to learn about Amnesty’s cases and participate in AI’s petitions. It is impossible to eliminate all human rights abuses globally; still, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


Animanga is a club where TAS students can share their love of Japanese culture and animation.


We are a club aimed at promoting computer science education and community at TAS. We host bi-yearly coding workshops for TAS Lower and Middle School students.

Archivist Club

The Archivists create opportunities that foster a reading community at TAS and support the US librarians in making the USIC an inviting, welcoming space for all.

Art Honor Society

Art Honors Society (AHS) is a club committed to fostering artistic expression, collaboration, and visibility within the TAS community. Our aim is to provide a platform for growing artists to exchange ideas and showcase their talents. By collaborating with various departments and clubs, we will organize projects such as annual mural paintings, artist talks, and more, integrating art into the everyday life of our school. AHS believes in the diverse talents present in our TAS community and strives to create a space where all artists can develop their skills. Through activities like workshops, art posts, and future new ideas we have planned, we can encourage creativity, skill development, and community engagement in our memebers.

Art, Inspire, Donate (AID)

Art Inspire Donate is a club that aims to donate art supplies and other important resources to underprivileged communities or schools in need. Our overarching goal is to promote creativity in individuals who may lack access to the necessary resources. By providing art supplies, our club seeks to empower aspiring artists and encourage artistic expression. The club firmly believes that art is undermined within this community, especially when other subjects are viewed as more significant. Through our efforts, we aim to bridge the gap between limited resources and creative potential, opening doors of opportunity for those who yearn to explore their artistic talents. By donating paints, stickers, colored pencils, and other essential materials, our club aspires to inspire individuals to unleash their imaginations and cultivate artistic skills while sending them other resources such as food as well. Our main goal is to create a community where art and creativity thrives to make a positive impact.

Artificial Intelligence Club

Artificial Club is a club where anyone interested in AI can join. Our goal is to promote an increased understanding of artificial intelligence technology, a revolutionary force in both industry and research, among students at TAS. As AI becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, it is crucial to understand how this new technology plays a role in the society. Through member presentations and group discussions, we explore the applications of AI in various fields, as well as the more technical aspects of how AI systems work and function.

AAPIA (Asian American and Pacific Islander Association)

Asian American and Pacific Islander Association, or AAPIA, aims to bring awareness, curate events, and facilitate conversations that shine the light on AAPI history and culture.

Athletic Council

The Athletics Council is an indispensable student-run volunteer organization that strives to support the Athletics program by ensuring that our on-campus athletics events run smoothly. Athletics Council members’ responsibilities include serving as ambassadors for the school during IASAS and exchanges, scoreboard operation, scorekeeping, assisting game officials with ball retrieval and other tasks, working the grill, as well as cultivating future Athletics Council members coming up through the middle school ranks. AC scores Season 1, 2, 3, Varsity, JV, and Freshman level games ranging from volleyball, soccer, basketball, touch rugby, and track.

Beside Us

In Taiwan, there has been a tremendous increase in the elderly population throughout the past couple of years, and with that came an increase in people who suffer from mobility or cognitive impairments like dementia. Therefore, the Beside Us club is a non-profit service club that aims to improve the health and readiness of the community. Our goal will be to raise awareness of the situation and will regularly go on outings for students to understand how to interact and assist elders with such disabilities. It is important for us to care for these specially-abled elderly population since you never know when the person beside you might suffer the same fate.

Bike Club

The Bike Club is a purely recreational club led by a group of enthusiastic bike riders. The Bike Club holds weekend outings across Taipei's most beautiful bike routes ranging from river to mountain! In fact, over the years, the Bike Club has embarked on more than 10 bike routes, including Feng Guai Zui, Tamsui, Zhongshe. We strive to share these routes on our Instagram page under an initiative called Route Share, where we post our Strava maps, route details, and officer reviews. The rides last around 2 hours, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, and the distance is around 25 km. The club's mission is to create a welcoming environment that embraces riders of all levels and serves as a place for people to socialize. Our outings often include stops at popular bike coffee shops, where members can grab a refreshing drink, socialize with each other, and enjoy the nice weather.

Biology Team: Biotechnology and Research

The Biology Team aims to promote the merging of biology, technology, and research. The team will host hands-on experiences related to conducting experiments, collecting data, using advanced technology, and modeling figures. The team aims to learn and research about immune systems and microscopic levels of biology by designing and making 3D models, doing enjoyable wet labs, and publishing research papers. Our team strive to create an inclusive and engaging environment that provides learning, collaboration, and exploration in the field of biology and biotechnology.

Block with Block (BB)

Block With Block (BB) is dedicated to assisting in the restoration, reconstruction, and beautification of homes devastated by natural disasters. Our primary focus lies in organizing outings in response to major natural disasters in Taiwan. In addition, our club actively raises awareness about significant global natural disasters and the immense suffering they inflict upon individuals and communities. We encourage TAS students and fellow Taiwanese citizens to contribute funds towards aiding those in distress. Through our outings, we will be collaborating with the organization 'Formosa Charity' to maximize our impact.

Board Game Club

Today, many people have their eyes glued to the screen and forget to interact with each other. In our club, students have the unique opportunity to meet others with the same interests as them face-to-face and have fun together traditional-style. Additionally, BGC tries to bridge the seemingly wide and unwelcoming gap between grade levels in upper school. Our job as the club presidents and officers is to create a warm and welcoming environment for TAS students who just want to chill and have fun with us!

Business Club

The Business Club is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that cultivates innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Our mission is to empower members with knowledge and skills essential in the global business landscape. Through educational workshops, guest speaker sessions, and collaborative projects, we aim to provide comprehensive exposure to diverse industry trends and practices. We hope to guide our members in navigating their future professional paths, building a strong foundation for their future endeavors. Beyond knowledge, we seek to build a strong community that values networking, mentorship, and mutual growth. The Business Club remains dedicated to nurturing the next generation of business leaders and innovators committed to positive change and sustainability.

Calligraphy Club

Calligraphy Club is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the exquisite art of Chinese calligraphy. We aim to engage students and TAS members in various activities to spark their interest and showcase their Chinese calligraphy skills. We hold regular practice sessions every Monday after school. Additionally, we actively participate in events like the Food Fair. Our annual winter sale provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire artifacts, such as handmade Christmas cards, and the Chinese New Year Couplet Sale takes place before the Chinese New Year break. The highlight of the year is the elaborate Calligraphy exhibition in the Chinese library, lasting about two weeks. It serves as a significant display of calligraphic finesse. We invite TAS members interested in calligraphy to join us, contribute their masterpieces, and participate in our collective showcase of artistic prowess.


Care4Care advocates for the mental health of healthcare workers in Taiwan and delivering gifts and cards in solidarity. Founded during the pandemic, the plight of healthcare workers inspired us to launch this non-profit to inform the TAS community and Taiwan as a whole of the hard work first responders put in. In admist of this, Care4Care sends care packagaes to inspire and show our appreciation. Furthermore, we inform our community by making infographics on social media platform and website about the mental heatlh of heatlhcare workers to inform ourselves and the outside world.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry club aims to encourage students and the wider community to develop an interest in chemistry. We plan to create activities and events to foster enthusiasm for the subject, including hands-on experiments and competitions that can help students explore various aspects of the subject. These activities are aimed at providing a platform for students to delve deeper into chemistry and create a love for the subject. Our club also aims to share the knowledge and passion for chemistry among our members and the wider community. By doing this, we believe we can raise awareness of the importance of chemistry in everyday life and its impact on the environment. We are committed to promoting an understanding of the role that chemistry plays in the world we live in. Ultimately, the Chemistry Club believes that by fostering interest in chemistry and educating the community, it can make a positive impact on society and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Chinese Language Society

The Chinese Language Society is a club that focuses on promoting and supporting Chinese culture. Although it originally was an honor society, the club continues its pursuit in creating an environment that welcomes Chinese culture. With such diversity in our school, it is important for Chinese culture to be promoted as we want to continue to be connected with our roots, as for non-local students, they can discover new parts of the Chinese culture. Some of our activites include hosting KTV sessions, Mahjong sessions, and even cooking sessions during flex.

Climate Change Club (CCC)

Our mission is to empower youth climate action, teach climate science, and spread climate awareness.

Club Crochet

Club Crochet aims to teach students how to crochet for stress relief and international charities. Every school week, either during Thursday or Friday, we host flex meetings that allow students to learn and work on various crochet projects of their choice. We plan to sell crochet items at our club sales to donate to charities worldwide.

Computer Science Team

CST aims to educate it's members in the field of computer science. We hold weekly meetings on various topics in CS, and run competitions like the American Computer Science League throughout the year.

Controlled Button Mashing

The Controlled Button Mashing Club aims to provide a space for students and faculty alike to relax and have fun after a stressful week.

Dance Honor Society

Dance Honor Society’s mission is to recognize and celebrate the art of dance through fostering a supportive community of passionate members. Through performances, education, and community engagement, we aim to foster a supportive and empowering environment where dancers can thrive, grow, and make a positive impact on our upper school community.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Border's goal is to advocate inequalities of medical resources and rights in rural areas and countries. As a high school club of a larger international organization, we will also pay close attention for the fundaraising and volunteering activities that students can participate in through our outings

Drone Club

The drone club provides a unique platform for students to immerse themselves in the world of remote-controlled aerial vehicles. The world has been using an increasing amount of drones in modern times, with famous instances being its application in military operations and filmmaking. The club’s primary objective is to build a thriving community of drone enthusiasts that will present members with the opportunity to explore and experiment with such autonomous aviation technologies. Through interactive workshops and meetings, members will not only gain an in-depth understanding of the science behind drone technologies, but also learn to apply such skills to their personal hobbies, including photography, videography, and even racing. By promoting problem-solving and nurturing creativity through challenging activities and obstacles, the club hopes to foster more interest in the ever-evolving world of aerial technology. We hope members can walk away being able to comfortably and safely operate drones for their own pleasure and purposes in the future.

Drop Shipping Club

The Dropshipping club combines club members' skills of marketing, communication, and coding to help communities in need. Dropshipping itself is a relatively new business model with the advantage being its flexibility and simplicity to startup and manage. With the club allowing members to actually get involved with the business world, we encourage students with interests in the business field, specifically those with interests in marketing, to join. We also encourage students with the interests of coding to join as a part of our club’s foundations lies upon developing and managing a platform to be able to dropship. The club aims to earn profit through utilizing the dropshipping business model while also donating our profits to community organizations. Overall, the dropshipping club aims to not only enrich member’s love for business and web designing, but also to utilize our marketing skills to better the lives of those in our community who are in need.


In this club, we will show the competitive side of gaming and how much more there is than playing games. This club will include creating and organizing events while learning about hosting and structuring tournaments. The club will also spread awareness about the rise of competitive gaming and will be a space where students can compete amongst each other or with other schools. This club will be different because of the multiple positions we offer. Besides having players for the games, we will also recruit people to organize and host the events, giving them the experience of being one of the faculties who manage events. Additionally, a section of our club will be dedicated to coaching and creating strategies for our players. We also want to change the stereotype of gamers in people’s eyes by making esports equally respected as other sports.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club seeks to foster entrepreneurial ideals of innovation, ambition, and courage under the context of business in the student body. Our goal is to provide a variety of activities that encourages students to develop their entrepreneurial thinking ability and step into the world excited and knowledgeable about starting their own business. Through activities such as pitch project competitions in high school and entrepreneurship simulations in lower schools, our club advocates for the importance of student entrepreneurship at all levels. Our club believes that whether in the context of a business or not, the values of entrepreneurship are invaluable to any future endeavors because creativity, bravery, and critical thinking are significant abilities in any aspect of life. By constantly upholding these principles in club activities, the Entrepreneurship Club continuously advocates for students to become successful entrepreneurs. Our club seeks to raise awareness for entrepreneurial thinking and establish firm foundation for entrepreneurial pursuits in the future.

Expression Magazine

Expression is TAS's journal of creative writing and artwork.  We publish an annual issue, as well as hosting an open performance session (Expression Cafe), and workshops.

Feeding Taiwan

Feeding Taiwan's goal is to provide healthy meals to the underprivileged population in Taiwan, as well as give students an opportunity every month to help the community. In the monthly club outing, student volunteers will cook, assemble, and distribute bento-style meals to areas with high homeless populations, orphanages, elderly homes, and soup kitchens. Along with this, we host a food drive every semester to send supplies to disadvantaged families around Taiwan.

Film Club

The TAS film club aims to further cultivate an active and engaged film community in TAS that includes but is not limited to film lovers and film students.

Flourishing Love

Flourishing Love is a club created for individuals who wish to delve into their passion for floral arrangements and designs. Our sessions provide guidance for students to complete their projects, particularly during holidays such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and even Teacher's Day. Scientific studies have shown that flowers and plants have a positive impact on mental health, and our goal is to contribute to our community by introducing this therapeutic activity to help people alleviate stress. Additionally, we plan to collaborate with other clubs and non-profit organizations to donate the flowers we create, spreading love and kindness to others.

Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM aims to spread awareness regarding the gender disparity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. We serve to encourage girls in breaking gender barriers to participate in subjects they are interested in. We are not a femenist club and we don't exclude boys from participating; we simply hope that our activities will provide an environment where girls are inspired to pursue STEM. Events we host include STEMania, an annual outreach event for lower school students at TAS where we guide them through a series of STEM activities, and an annual interactive presentation to eighth graders on Upper School CS/Robotics courses and extracurriculars to encourage them to pursue STEM in high school.

Give a Hand (Sign Language Club)

Give a Hand is dedicated to supporting the hard of hearing community in Taiwan by organizing sign language lessons, raising funds through interactive events, and raising awareness of how to treat people that are hard of hearing.

Good Neighbors

TAS has a variety of clubs, including numerous clubs that focus on children and animals, however, there has been no club that recognizes the wellbeing of those living in nursing homes. Most often than not, we tend to forget the older generations of our society when they have so much stories and experiences to offer us, thus this club aims to help the wellbeing of the older generation. A lot of grandmothers and grandfathers tend to be a little lonely in those nursing homes, so this club focuses on providing accompany for them while we get to learn from their many stories and insights.

Harang (North Korea Defector Club)

Harang supports North Korean defectors and focuses in helping North Korean defectors in various ways such as learning English. Also, we support spreading messages across the society about North Korean defectors' struggles and their life.

Health We Care

Health We Care supports local community children throughout Taiwan by providing educational services in support of health care knowledge and awareness. Going to local community schools and charities in less populated parts of Taiwan to provide interactive educational seminars on proper sanitation and healthcare habits. Our goal is to ensure that children from every community in Taiwan have an opportunity to learn important sanitary and health care preventative measures at a young age to help develop good habits and lifelong positive frameworks for developing a healthy lifestyle. Eventually, our goal is to provide outreach to as many communities in need as possible. Our members will work collaboratively with health care professionals to develop the information for the educational seminars and continuously seek to improve the entire process. As a part of this process building ties to multiple local communities will also be indirectly improved due to tangible real interactions in multiple local communities throughout various parts of Taiwan.

Hip Hop Club

Hip Hop Club is a club that focuses on enriching our members' knowledge of hip-hop culture through speakers, dance workshops, or performance opportunities. We intend to introduce valuable performance experiences to our club members through showcases off campus. Currently, we present our members with two opportunities, one of which is a showcase in collaboration with two other schools. The other opportunity is at a vegan restaurant where the performers will be rewarded with a free meal after. Beyond performing, we try our best to host regular hip-hop workshops in collaboration with DHS in order to help our members gain more experience and comfortability with the genre of hip-hop.

Hockey League

We play floor hockey on Mondays during flex in the USG. Our principles while playing are to have fun and also be somewhat competitive. We have a group of juniors and Freshmen that come out and play consistently but all are welcome. Our mission is to expose people to the amazing sport of hockey, whether that is playing floor hockey, selling jerseys, or encouraging people to watch hockey games.

Home 4 the Night

A club that focuses on alleviating some of the impact of homelessness in Taipei. The club works with a local food kitchen and raises funds to help care for those who are in need in the Taipei area.

I Care

I Care is an interactive service club that strives to create an environment where physical impairments are not preventive measures, empowering our students to freely explore their interests. Our members go to the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired and guide them through activities like arts and crafts.

ILA Fashion Club

ILA stands for I Love Art and we are a club of creatives who wish to promote fashion exploration. Some year-round activities include sewing workshops, fabric shopping outings, and 2nd hand clothing sales. Our main event is the ILA Fashion Show, an annual showcase of talent-filled designs and outstanding performances, for all to experience a runway show.

Indigenous Impact

Connecting with Taiwan's indigenous communities through service and cultural exchange. We offer student leaders a meaningful service initiative involving helping the TAS community better understand and recognize the original Austronesian inhabitants of Taiwan, fostering mutual understanding and cultural exchange, and offering impactful service to indigenous communities in collaboration with community leaders.


Our objective is to demonstrate helpfulness and a love for learning by reading with lower schooler students at TAS, helping to grow their confidence and abilities in the process.

International Culture Club 

The International Culture Club aims to connect people of all different cultural backgrounds together! Through various fun activities such as productive conversations, watching and appreciating videos from certain areas, and going on trips to learn about Taiwanese culture, we hope that we can help promote cultural awareness here at TAS.

Japanese Honor Society

The purpose of Japanese Honor Society is to promote awareness and appreciation for traditional and modern Japanese culture. Japanese Honor Society proudly practices and fulfills the Japanese tenets of loyalty, respect, and diligence. With the assistance of selectively chosen members who show genuine dedication to this cause, Japanese Honor Society works for the benefit of the community while upholding these values.

Tuned In

During the 23-24 school year, the Jumbo Jazz Jam Club aims to spread the love of jazz music throughout the entire school K-12. One of the activities that will be a feature for next year is a collaboration with the music department to host instrument swaps, for example bring in your instrument, a trumpet, saxophone, trombone, anything we will try to get everyone to try each and every instrument each single week of the school year. We will continue hosting our daily jam sessions during the week as well as music theory lessons every so often for those who wish to immerse themselves further in the music world. Lastly, there will be plenty of opportunity within JJJ events for those not involved or already involved with the music community to enjoy and appreciate their love for jazz music through showcasing the club's talent in seasonal flash mobs to just let loose the stress from the year. All donations to the JJJ will go towards funding our instrument swaps, and we will also hold occasional charity flash mobs to fundraise for the local jazz community. Stay Jazzy TAS.


K2 strives to promote the hobby of building custom keyboards to help foster an interest in engineering and art. By embracing our creativity, K2 aims to financially support young, passionate individuals in an unconventional way.

Key Club

Caring is our way of life. From visiting a nursery once a month to hosting our biannual sports tournaments, Key Club is a service club organization dedicated to any and every form of activity that could contribute to the overall well-being of the school and community. Members of Key Club strive to build important strengths like leadership, kindness, and inclusivity through service activities.

Lab Research Equipment Designing (Lab R.E.D.)

Our club's mission is to spark student interest in lab research or science in general through a positive learning environment. The purpose of this club is to design, create and sell or donate scientific equipment to students inside and outside TAS. Currently, there are very few clubs that focus on designing and manufacturing, and even fewer that combine engineering with science on lab research. We plan on making a new club that can help students develop design skills while also exploring their interest in lab research to consider taking in-school science research courses alongside this club.

Lace the Love

To repurpose, recycle, and commit to remedy critical health emergencies in Africa through shoes and love.

LGBTQ Alliance

To create a supportive community for LGBTQ+ students and work to improve the school environment overall.

"Pen and Palette"

Our club centres around an arts and literary digital newsletter, sent out quarterly. The purpose of this club is to not only offer a platform to multi-medium and multidisciplinary artists, but to also create a community where artists of different interests can come together. While writing pieces and artworks will be picked up by us, a focus will also be placed on videos, films, animation, and music; art forms that other TAS physical publications like Expression aren’t able to publish. Furthermore, our club aims to create a community of creatives all in one place. Students from all different creative circles will read, write, and participate in monthly club meetings, where they can get to know each other and each other’s interests. In this way I believe our club could coexist and support other clubs. As a bonus, this allows students from all different creative circles to mingle. Therefore, our club endeavors to offer a platform for less-represented multidisciplinary artists, as well as create a space for different types of artists to intermingle, all while complementing pre-existing clubs.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is a United States nonprofit organization that works to improve the health of mothers and premature babies by funding their families and the research of premature babies. At TAS, our aim is to raise awareness in the school community, as not a lot of people know about this pressing issue. In our community, we raise money by holding lunch sales and participating in the TAS PTA Food and Spring Fairs.

Marine and Water Conservation Club (MWCC)

The MWCC aims to raise awareness and act to reduce water pollution to preserve marine animals and human lives while promoting sustainable development. We work to reduce water pollution as much as we can by hosting cleanup initiatives (beach & river), which are direct opportunities for students to contribute to society and create a sustainable environment by combatting climate change. An activity that we host within TAS is the Drinkathon, which aims to remind students of our privilege of having an adequate supply of water. In addition, we spend time working with and teaching Lower Schoolers about the pressing issue of marine pollution. As part of the TAS community, our goal is to remind the students of our privileges and teach them how to help other communities in need. We aim to inform TAS students about the impacts of water pollution and the extent to which all living things can be affected by this issue on a global scale. In such initiatives, we address the effects of water pollution on the lives of both humans and marine animals.

Martial Arts Club (MAC)

Martial Arts club aims to reignite the passion for martial arts in our generation, as well as teach our members effective ways of self defence. By scheduling outings and having sessions within school, we teach students proven methods of self defense as well as 'reigniting interest' in martial arts within the school. We have already done Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing outings, and look forward to doing Hapkido, Muay Thai and Wing Chun. This club only teaches the initials and basics of each martial art covered; if a student wishes to go more in-depth in their learning, we will refer them to the martial arts gym themselves. By only teaching the initials of each martial art, we give more time to our students to learn a wider variety of combat sports and thus expose them to the art better than if they were to go in depth in a single sport.

Medical Frontiers

Medical Frontiers aims to train and educate students about the modern-day healthcare system by working with prominent guest speakers and organizing healthcare activities to simulate the inner workings of the medical field. We have invited a neurosurgeon as one of our speakers to teach our members suturing, and we also have plans to visit a nearby hospital where we can learn from their VR model of the human anatomy. If students are interested in becoming a part of the healthcare industry, they should join this club!

Museum Enthusiasts Club

The museum enthusiast club aims to promote Taiwanese culture and history through museums around Taipei. As a group of students passionate about museums, we aim to create interest and knowledge of the various museums in Taipei for the TAS community.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States and its outlying territories. The Taipei American School chapter selects its members based on the following four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Candidates are selected by the chapter's Faculty Council. NHS membership entails assuming responsibility for chapter activities and duties, including service requirement hours per semester.


Our role as students and educators is to promote unity and understanding amongst TAS members and beyond. Neurodiversity Club aims to include neurodivergent voices and experiences in our education. We encourage all students, staff, and faculty to learn more about developmental and behavioral disorders such as autism, ADHD, and Down syndrome. This is a safe space for all questions, opinions, and feelings. Feel free to contact us on our Instagram or Gmail to voice any concerns or suggestions. @neurodiversityclub

Orphanage Club

The mission of the Taipei American School Orphanage Club is to aid the underprivileged community beyond the school walls through financial donations and compassionate interactions. By alleviating the suffering of people with disadvantaged backgrounds and social statuses, students come to realize that sacrifice adds meaning to their lives. Members gain the skills to cooperate and negotiate through participation in a variety of group activities. By enriching the community, Orphanage Club members learn to respect the values of others and to appreciate what they themselves have.


PaintHouse aims to provide volunteer art-related services to those in need. Our main services include wall repair and repaint, mural art, but we also take on other artistic projects such as banner painting and body painting events.


Enable the TAS community to have greater access to computer and electronics education specifically within the scope of PC building as a hobby.

PCC (Plant Collecting Club)

The Plant Collecting Club is a club dedicated to promoting the hobby of plant collecting. The club provides a platform for students to learn more about plant collecting through collaborations with outside organizations such as the ICPS. The Plant Collecting Club hopes to further deepen students' knowledge and appreciation of botany in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

Photography Club

We serve as an open platform and community for those interested in photography to create, learn, and share.

Pottery Club

The mission is to connect the pottery community and sell bowls to assist local charities.

Recycle and Repurpose Club

To make use of second-hand/unwanted materials and appliances by redistributing them to the ones in need, as well as recycling them properly, thus achieving circular economics.

Rise Up 

We are a club focused on promoting discussions around intersectional feminism at TAS and the local community. We host monthly events ranging from seminars to workshops to clothes sales, as well as our flagship event, the annual leadership summit.

SALT Collectiv

The SALT Collectiv club is connected to a non-profit organization called Salt Collectiv. Salt Collectiv is an organization that is dedicated to aiding, not only ecosystems, but also marginalized groups in Taiwan.

Saplings of Music

Saplings of Music aims to ensure that all kids have an opportunity to learn music without carrying the burden of the costs that come along with it through free, interactive music lessons.

Sarnelli House

The mission of the Sarnelli House Club at Taipei American School is to help aid Sarnelli House in Thailand through fundraisers and possible volunteering. By aiding people with disadvantaged backgrounds and social statuses, students will learn the impacts they can have on others' lives. Sarnelli House members learn to respect and have compassion for others.

Songwriting Club

Our mission is a club that hopes for its members to create music, whether it be songwriting or instrumental or through any medium, and hopefully the music is an outlet for them to express themselves. We emphasize how you do not need any musical experience in order to participate in this club, but simply an interest to delve deeper into this activity. Many people often feel that they might have a lack of musical talent that would prevent them from making any of their own, personal music, but we are here to change that sentiment, and instead encourage students to feel free to explore, learn, and create music in this club.

South Asian Culture Club

South Asian Culture Club aims to help the TAS community understand what South Asian culture is. In addition, we host a variety of activities so that people can understand what the different parts of South Asian culture are while having fun at the same time. Our activities range from making art, to cooking food, to watching movies. For example, we host a diya painting event around Diwali in which club members painted Indian candles and got to eat South Asian sweets. We also host movie nights in which we watch Bollywood classics in the courtyard and eat South Asian snacks.

Spanish Honor Society

The Spanish Society promotes an understanding of, and enthusiasm for, the Spanish language and its many cultures by offering language and cultural activities for the TAS Upper School community.

Special Sports Society

Special Sports Society aims to spread awareness about and support Paralympic sports in Taiwan, through fundraising for and volunteering in Paralympic Organizations in Taiwan. Because the special sports community in Taiwan has long been neglected and underrepresented, it lacks the funding and physical support from other governmental and humanitarian organizations. Through collaborating with special sports organizations in Taiwan, our club seeks to help fundraise and volunteer in the activities, in order to help support the special sports community in Taiwan.

Statistics Club

This club will operate in three divisions. One being a survey group, which are tasked with creating surveys and dealing with surveying samples. This group will be deciding what type of surveys and surveying methods will be the most suitable for the topic of interest. The other group will be the data analysis group, which uses different skills to analyze or even visualize the data so the audience can better understand our analysis, using computer programming and machine learning. Last but not least, a poster group. This group will be in charge of making posters according to the analysis made by the second group.

Surf and Shred

Through water sport activities, Surf and Shred aims to promote wake surfing among teenagers, providing them with a refreshing break on the water while creating memorable experiences. Our mission extends beyond personal enjoyment, as we believe in giving back to the community. By utilizing the funds generated through our club, we strive to make a positive impact on society by organizing field trips for underprivileged orphans and to allocate the remaining funds to charities.

Sustainable Taiwan

Sustainable Taiwan is a club that aims to better educate our community about environmental issues and also to initiate actions to create a more sustainable future. It allows for students to be empowered to explore the Taiwanese community. Sustainable Taiwan works around the core value of "never give up", encouraging underprivileged groups in Taiwan and our members to follow that rule of thumb.

SWOLE Society

Swole Society is a gym based club, made for lifters and anyone who wants to improve their lives in fitness. The purpose of this club is to promote fitness and strength to our school. Our objective for this club is to create a community where everyone is able to work hard on their goal for their own personal benefit. Our officers will be teaching lessons on the different techniques and tricks to improve your fitness and strength in the gym. This club isn't only a gym club it is also a learning club, where you will be able to study the different workout plans and exercises you can do to maximize your potential towards your goal. We hope this club will help everyone experienced or inexperienced to reach their goals towards a healthier lifestyle.

TAS Cancer Society

TAS Cancer Society is a club dedicated to spreading awareness about cancer throughout the TAS community. We promote the direct care given to cancer patients through our hospital outings and fundraise to provide indirect service to cancer research.

TAS Chess Club

TAS Chess Club is devoted to creating a dynamic community of chess enthusiasts. We aim to foster a supportive environment where our members can improve upon their chess prowess, build meaningful connections, and encourage teamwork.

TAS Speech and Debate

TAS Speech and Debate is the school's official speech and debate program. We are a member of the National Speech and Debate Association and frequently participate in in-person or online tournaments in the United States, as well as tournaments in Taiwan and around the region. TAS Speech and Debate offers an event for everyone including in speech, Impromptu, Extemp, Original Oratory, and Oral Interpretation, and in debate, Congress, Policy, World Schools, and Public Forum Debate. To achieve excellence, the program offers weekly trainings led by experienced student leaders alongside our coaching staff who have produced national champions across multiple events. At TAS Speech & Debate, we strive to build a tight-knit community while thriving for competitive success!

TAS TYPT (Physics Club)

The Physics Club (despite the name) is a club for anyone passionate about not only physics, but also math, design, computer science, or even debate. Each year we receive a list of hard physics problems involving diverse topics ranging from fluid dynamics, to kinematics, to light and optics. For each problem, we conduct research, design experiments, and collect data in order to find the best answer. Oftentimes, the process takes several months from start to finish -- including months of refining our answer until we reach a final form. At the end of the year we participate in a tournament in Taiwan (TYPT), where we argue the merits of our results and theoretical approaches against local teams. Each year, our excellent performance has yielded medals at the tournament.

Teach and Reach

Teach and Reach is both a service and interest club that aims to expand the global perspective of local school elementary students through assisting in their English education. During our outings, members will become student leaders as they guide classrooms of students with interactive lessons and fun activities that are prepared in advance.

The Horizon Science Journal

The Horizon Science Research Journal is a magazine that publishes scientific research papers and articles written by students; its goal is to promote the exciting scientific research taking place at TAS and in the broader scientific community. The journal accepts student research from TAS' research classes and internships, articles about recent scientific advances, and features on any scientific topic of your choice. Students interested in science, research, journalism, or even art are welcome to join.

The TAS Red Cross

The TAS Red Cross is a service club dedicated to serving, sheltering, as well as providing humanitarian assistance to those in need, deriving its name from the American Red Cross. The TAS Red Cross club mainly focuses its attention on the Taiwanese community, helping out those around us. We work in the hopes of contributing aid to the community, whether through fundraisers or through volunteer work. By educating and providing TAS students with a variety of different opportunities to be of service to the community around them, the TAS Red Cross aspires to promote a way for students to connect with their community, and also to establish a habit of giving back to their community when possible. In addition to that, we hope to continue to offer certificates for both CPR and AED, which are led by the trained professionals from the Taipei Red Cross for both students and teachers.

Thespian Honor Society

Our mission as the Thespian Honor Society is to spread our love and passion for theater! We celebrate our love for theater through productions, games, and events of different sizes. This is an inclusive space where anyone can join and have fun!

Tiger Minds

Our aspiring goal for this club is to promote mental health advocacy, and wellness, as well as changing the many taboos surrounding mental health and wellness. As an integral part of the club, we are dedicated to trying to advocate for a better situation and break the taboo on mental health. Students should never have to hold back when talking about their mental well-being and should never be in an environment where talking about mental health can/will be ridiculed. Our club attempts to break the silence and encourage people to speak out and aspires to be there for them when students are in need of support. More importantly, we want to bridge the gap between the student body and the counseling/administrative body so that students can easily seek help. By regularly updating the counseling office on student conditions and hosting fun activities to ease academic and personal burdens, we want to provide a safer and healthier environment for students.

Tri-M Honor Society

Tri-M Honor Society is an internationally recognized organization that encourages the expression of students through music. This club fosters leadership through our service opportunities in the organization and assistance with concerts backstage. We also aim to create a well-rounded, passionate, and connected community with Tri-M-hosted concerts throughout the year which help bring out everyone’s musical talents, within and outside of the club. Our main musical interests are compiled of strings, band, piano, and vocals, all of which help foster an encouraging and passionate community of musicians.


The Triathlon Club is made up of a group of students passionate about triathlon who want to share this amazing sport with the TAS community. Triathlon can be enjoyed as a recreational activity or as a competitive sport by people of all levels. The Triathlon Club participates in triathlon competitions, exercises together during the weekends, and holds fundraising events such as the Sports Drive to promote the exercising culture in our community. We hope that by enjoying this sport and exercising in a friendly and welcoming environment, students take time away from school and stress and focus on their wellbeing. Ultimately, we aim to create a fun exercise experience for all.

Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee Club is an interest club that pursues two key goals. The first is to make Ultimate Frisbee a more widely played sport in the school. The 2nd (and the main goal) is to foster a non-competitive atmosphere where students can get physically active without the extreme time commitment of skill barrier that most other sports at TAS require. This promotes physical well-being for students who don't have the time to dedicate themselves to a season sport as the sessions are drop-in, meaning if a student cannot make a session that is okay. The Ultimate Frisbee Club pursues these two goals by hosting a meeting every Friday FLEX period, usually on the lower field (the big one). If enough people show up, then we play a game and if not, then we just throw the frisbee around. Games are usually 7 on 7 though we adjust those rules depending on the number of students present at each meeting.


Like the official UNICEF organization, the UNICEF club advocates for the protection of children's rights and education in order to help them realize and reach their full potential. Through fundraising events like food sales and currently, a collaboration with Doctors without Borders and Medical Frontiers for a medical supplies fundraiser, we hope to target the improvement of the education and health factions of childcare.

United States Institute for Theater Technology (USITT)

The United States Institute for Theater Technology (USITT) aims to host and attend events geared to helping connect the technical theater students with each other and the department. To make live performing arts events succeed, the work of theatrical technicians—lighting, sound, projections, props, scenery, costumes, makeup, and more—is crucial. USITT will allow the Taipei American School community to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the theatrical technicians in the Upper School student body while providing a space for theater technicians to expand upon their technical skillsets. The club provides students with a variety of venues to showcase their technical theater skills, including small-scale collaboration events with other TAS student organizations. For students who are interested in participating in small events as technicians, our club will be an excellent opportunity to get involved. As teamwork and collaboration are critical to successful productions, the club hosts on- and off-campus activities to strengthen teamwork and foster a sense of community among our theater technicians. Club activities include, but are not limited to, recreational team-bonding activities to boost teamwork among the technicians; post-production tech parties to acknowledge, celebrate, and reflect on each other’s work; and outings to local theaters in Taipei to watch theater performances and participate in backstage tours to learn about behind-the-scenes work in professional theater productions.


Vivace, meaning lively, represents our core value: enjoying music. Regardless of levels and types, we wish to recruit as many music-lovers as possible.

Walk for Refugees

Walk for Refugees is TAS's largest student-led fundraiser, aimed towards raising funds and promoting awareness for the plight of refugees around the world. Through hosting an annual walkathon coupled with numerous activities such as the teachers’ karaoke competition, Walk for Refugees hopes to continue to spread awareness of the ongoing impacts of war and internal conflict. Walk for Refugees selects a recipient of its funds raised throughout the two semesters at the beginning of each school year. Past donations have been made to refugee families from Ukraine (SY22-23), Afghanistan (SY21-22), and Syria (SY20-21).

Weiqi Club

The Weiqi club is made up of a group of students passionate about Weiqi and wants to promote this Chinese culture. We will be holding weekly meetings to play some matches on a 13x13 board and do Weiqi problems. Each semester, the members can visit the orphanage or nursing center to teach the people there how to play Weiqi, in order to contribute to society. In addition to advancing club members’ skills and time management, we will host small competitions within our club, and the winner would get a prize. Lastly, we will lead students to compete in outside competitions, such as 教育盃, a competition recognized by the educational department.

World Vision

World Vision is a service club that aims to help children around the world through direct & indirect service: For direct, we teach English to underprivileged children, For indirect, we bake and host events to raise money, and donate to World Vision HQ, which redistribute around the world on projects like children sponsorship, water sanitation and education.

Writers House

Writers' House is an interest club that aims to inspire, support and promote connections between students and the outside world of writing. Our goal is to expand on existing communities and work with them to further foster the creative writing talent at TAS. We want to connect all school divisions of TAS to activities that will inspire and support them to create pieces of their own, while also promoting awareness of writing opportunities. As our name implies, we want to create a “Writers’ House” that gives access to a casual environment that is frequently available for students who may not have the time in their schedules to take additional creative writing courses, or would like to work on personal projects in their free time.

Young Investor Society

Young Investor Society is TAS's finance club dedicated to teaching investment fundamentals and stock pitching and cultivating student interest in the business world. The club introduces and helps prepare students for competitions hosted by Young Investor Society Organization, such as the Global Stock Pitch Competition or the Young Investor Society Shark Tank Contest. The Shark Tank Contest is a contest derived from a Venture Capitial investing TV show, where various entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to the investors aka "sharks". This contest requires you to analyze the pitches as if you are a shark and justify which businesses you would invest in. This contest not only generates interest in VC investing but cultivates strong pitching and analyzing skills. Next year, the club hopes to work with Young Investor Society Clubs from other IASAS schools in hosting friendly investment competitions. The club will also work to share and update members on important business news through lessons and social media. The club potentially looks forward to teaching economics alongside business investment.


IASAS Cultural Conventions

Taipei American School  is a proud member of the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS). Each year, the IASAS Cultural Conventions are a highly anticipated annual event for students at TAS. Each year, the conventions brings together student representatives from the IASAS schools across Southeast Asia to showcase their cultural talents and compete in a friendly and spirited atmosphere.

Even though every year the IASAS groups are different, it’s always the same feeling. We always become a family at the end of each year.

TAS Alumnus, '20

Students from Taipei American School have consistently participated in the convention, with groups showcasing dance, music, theater, and visual arts. The convention provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and appreciate the diverse cultures of the region while fostering friendly competition and collaboration among students from different schools.

Read more from our students about their experience at IASAS, and see some of the performance recordings from our IASAS dancers!

IASAS Film Thumbnail

By Sebastien R., '24
Fall Communications Intern

As a student of film, TAS has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of storytelling and visual artistry. Whether you are interested in writing, directing, producing, or any other aspect of film production, the TAS Film program can help you develop your skills and knowledge. Ever since Grade 9, I have taken a film class every year. I enjoy film because it allows me to experience stories and emotions in a way that is uniquely powerful and immersive. I also love the way that film can be used to explore and examine complex themes and ideas, and to shed light on important issues and perspectives. Whether it's through compelling storytelling, stunning visuals, or thought-provoking ideas, film has the power to inspire, educate, and entertain.

Working on IASAS Film

IASAS Film is one of the opportunities TAS provides its film students to experience the world of film beyond the classroom. IASAS, the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools, is an organization of Southeast Asia schools that holds sports, academic, and cultural conventions every year. Prior to the IASAS Film conference, each team creates and submits a short film on a particular theme.

Working together at a roundtable for IASAS Film

This year, the prompt for IASAS Film was the word “Pamana." Pamana is a Filipino word that symbolizes heritage, inheritance, and legacy. As students, we had the option to interpret the prompt however we wanted to. For my group, the planning process was quite rough. After brainstorming, it was really hard to single out an idea. At first, we stuck to an idea but later realized that it didn’t really relate to the prompt and that we had to let go of it, even though most group members wanted to go forward with it. As a result, with the pressure of time on our backs, we had to quickly come up with an alternative version of the original idea that connected more with the prompt.

Our final idea was centered around the concept of finding family beyond one’s bloodline. The original idea contained lots of comedic aspects, and although we couldn’t move forward with that idea, we still wanted to insert comedy into our film. Our film was about a person who sees his second family in a group of students who, just like the protagonist, are rejected by society due to their unique characteristics.We would have to film the entire project at the IASAS tournament and bring this story to life 

IASAS Art and Film

Finally, on November 9, 2022, after many years of not being able to travel to other IASAS schools due to the pandemic, we packed our bags and boarded a flight to Manila, Philippines. IASAS Film 2022 was held at the International School of Manila where passionate film students from all 6 schools in the IASAS conference gathered for a fun, collaborative, and engaging film experience.

Over the course of 3 days, we created another short film in groups with other film students from other schools in under 48 hours and attended workshops varying around topics from freelance filming to the financial aspects of the film industry. Additionally, we viewed an award-winning feature film, Leonor Will Never Die, which was centered around the lively ambiance of Manila and the director’s relationship with cinema. 

IASAS Film Delikado screening

On the last day, we also watched an inspiring documentary called Delikado which was about a group of environmental activists who risk their lives on a daily basis in an effort to stop politicians and businessmen from exploiting their island’s natural resources.The documentary was a story of courage and resilience which hopes to empower others into taking action toward taking on corporations and ones in power that ignorantly and continuously destroy the environment for their own profit. Personally, this documentary left a tremendous impact on me emotionally and it really exemplified the power of film and its ability to influence others in a profound way.

While the IASAS Film competition only lasts for a long weekend, the impact that studying film at TAS has made a huge difference in how I see myself and my education, allowing me to see the world through the lens of a creative storyteller in more ways than one.

Reflections on Loss and Conflict after Premiering "Our ResponsAbility"

In this recurring series, we invite readers to learn more about the incredible people who make TAS the vibrant learning community we know and love.   

The following is an essay by current upper school student Moya B. on her experience performing a significant role in the Asia premier of "Our ResponsAbility," a play that is centered around a collection of first-person accounts from the ongoing war in Ukraine assembled into an original script by Vitalii Havura. Before performing the play, TAS cast members held video calls with cast members in Ukraine for a firsthand glimpse into what living through an invasion is like. In addition, the TAS cast shared the production at TAS and the recent IASAS Cultural Convention held in Malaysia earlier this spring.    

By Moya B. ('25)  

Participating in the play "Our ResponsAbility" was a profound experience for me as a student and actor. During a video call with the original actors, writer, and director, I was immediately struck by their experiences of performing the play amidst the ongoing war.   

What first stood out to me was that an air raid siren went off during the cast's opening night, but the performance continued as it seemed to have become normalized. This astounded me as I realized how desensitized people involved in the war have evolved to the violence and danger around them. There is a cliche that the "show must go on," but seeing that cliche come to life in the middle of a war is an entirely different experience for me as a student and as an actor. They are committed to their craft and clearly committed to their nation, as evidenced by their continued choice to stay in Ukraine.  

Despite being desensitized, it was clear that those involved in the war were still devastated by the atrocities and losses they had experienced. This made me reflect on how sheltered and privileged my own life was, as I had never had to live under the constant stress of potential obliteration. It also made me think about how important it is to take action in any way possible to help those affected by the war.    

By participating in this play, the incredible cast and everybody involved has raised more awareness of the reality of the war and not just what you see on social media. For example, when traveling to IASAS cultural convention in Malaysia and performing the piece there, it became apparent what impact it has on people.   

Our audience consisted of so many people from different backgrounds — for example, there was a girl with family currently in Ukraine, a Russian boy, and people who'd never given the war much thought. Yet everybody there felt touched and emotional. Undeniably they felt a sense of responsibility. And in this disconnected modern world, that is how we helped.   


This play has the power to reveal the truth behind the war and the suffering and cruelty endured by innocent people caught in the conflict. It serves as a call to action, urging us to stand with those fighting for their independence and not tolerate war anywhere in the world. The experience has made me even more committed to using my voice and resources to help those affected by war and to make a positive impact in any way I can.  

EPILOGUE: "Our ResponsAbility" was directed by Upper School Theater Teacher, Austin Farwell. It was performed by the cast in the TAS Black Box Theater on February 24 & 25 and at ISKL in Malaysia during IASAS Cultural Convention on March 1-5, 2023. Cast and Tech Crew included: Moya B., Ivan W., Emily W., Jolie C., Taarini S., Miya K., Choe H., Sage R., Nathan S., Amalia B., Cailey J., Sora I., Zachary K., Theo F.  



See the preview of our 2023 IASAS Dance piece, called, "Connection Lost."

For more information about IASAS and the athletics portion of the association, please see the pages and external site linked below.

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