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Learning Beyond Our Campus

At Taipei American School, we know that extending learning beyond the classroom is an important part of creating the kinds of learning experiences that stick with our students forever.  Our off-campus excursions are part of curricular classes and extra-curricular opportunities, each offering a refreshing change of scenery for student learning.

Real-World Experiences for Real-Life Learning

From a trip across the road to practice ordering bubble tea in Mandarin or playing soccer at local schools, to showcasing films at the IASAS Cultural Convention around Asia, or competing in a debate tournament in the USA, our off-campus trips maximize student engagement and ownership of their learning, while helping students develop self-efficacy and independence.

Making Connections at Home and Abroad

While trips off campus leave students with incredible memories, the connections our students from with their fellow Tigers can last a lifetime.

On the day of IASAS, I will cry because traveling to the IASAS tournament is my whole high school life and the most important event. I really like our team and I’ll miss everyone when the season ends. It’s almost like family.

TAS Alumna, Class of 2022

See some of the places and off-campus experiences our students have enjoyed over the past few years. Although not every trip listed below takes place every year, we make every effort to offer impactful travel opportunities to our students each year.

Off-Campus Trips by Division

Lower School Off-Campus Experiences

Our Lower School students enjoy several trips off campus each year. While we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities, here are some of the places that Lower School students have visited in previous years.

  • Lanya Park 
  • Guangdu Temple 
  • Wugu Nature Farm 
  • Da'an Park 
  • Taipei Zoo 
  • Tianmu neighborhood walk 
  • Madame Chiang-kai Shek's Garden 
  • Shape Walk to the Tianmu Baseball Stadium playground 
  • Tianmu Park 
  • Camp Taiwan
  • Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines 
  • Yehliu 
  • Lan Yang Museum 
  • Taipei Water Works Park 
  • Taipei School for the Visually Impaired 
Middle School Off-Campus Experiences

Overseas Trips: 

MUN - Geneva, Switzerland 

VEX Robotics - Manila, Philippines 

ISTA Trip - Chiang Mai, Thailand 

AMIS Choir - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

AMIS Orchestra – Bangkok, Thailand  

MUN - Jeju, Korea 

Mathcounts - Jakarta, Indonesia 

MUN - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

VEX Robotics – Louisville, KY, USA 

Multiple Speech & Debate Trips to the United States

Local Trips

Middle School Camps- Grade 6 to Kenting, Grade 7 to Tainan, and Grade 8 to Fulong Beach 

Grade 6 Science Ecosystems science trip to the Taipei Zoo 

Grade 6 Yingee Art Field Trip 

Grade 8 Astronomy Museum Field Trip 

Upper School Off-Campus Experiences

In the Upper School, over 350 students typically travel each year on international trips. Previous activities include:

Yale Debate – New Haven, CT, USA 

AMIS Jazz Honor Band & Jazz Skills Workshop – London, UK 

Hawaii Tourism Debate – Honolulu, HI, USA 

All American Film Festival – New York, NY, USA 

Math Competition – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Qatar Leadership Conference – Doha, Qatar 

iGEM World Championship – Boston, MA, USA 

SEOMUN – Seoul, Korea 

THIMUN Singapore – Singapore, Singapore 

IASAS Art & Film – Singapore, Singapore 

IASAS MUN – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

VEX Regional – Manila, Philippines 

Cypress Bay Debate – Florida, USA 

VEX regional – Tokyo, Japan 

BERMUN – Berlin, Germany 

Blake Debate – Minneapolis, MN, US 

Durham Debate – Durham, NC, USA 

THIMUN The Hague – The Hague, Netherlands 

Stanford/Berkeley Swing – San Francisco, CA, USA 

National High School Dance Festival – Pittsburgh, PA, USA 

NHSMUN – New York, NY, USA 

IASAS Cultural Convention Dance, Drama, Theater Tech – Singapore, Singapore 

IASAS Cultural Convention Music – Bangkok, Thailand 

AMIS Honor Band & Orchestra – Salzburg, Austria

FRC Australia – Sydney, Australia 

J.H.S. Japan Trip – Osaka, Japan 

FRC Hawaii – Honolulu, HI, USA 

THAIMUN – Bangkok, Thailand 

National Tournament of Champions – Lexington, KY, USA 

MUN Impact – New York, NY, USA 

NSPA JEA Journalism Convention – San Francisco, CA, USA 

FRC World Championship – Detroit, MI, USA 

VEX World Championship – Louisville, KY, USA 

NSDA Nationals – Dallas, TX, USA

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