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A Home for Artists

Where Courage and Joy Meet 

From inkling to idea, from concept to creation or from the page to the stage, arts education is about active participation in the creative process and the self-discovery that ensues.  

Arts by the Numbers

We have a large and thriving KA-12 artistic community on our campus. How do we know? These are just a few metrics that bring us joy.

But there's one big number missing. How many artists do YOU think we have on our campus? At TAS, we believe EVERY Tiger is an artist, even if they don't think of themselves that way.

Picture Yourself Here

At Taipei American School, we offer a complete palette of opportunities for students drawn to dance, drama, music and visual arts.

Whether for personal study or joining in full productions and exhibitions, budding artists will find no shortage of inspiration here.

The Arts Matter

We give time to what we value and at Taipei American School, we value deeply value the Arts.

In the Lower School, our students attend their "specials" classes every day, which include art, music, and other creative electives. We also weave in different artistic modalities in many of the core units of study.

In the Middle School, students are required to take various "Arts + Innovation" courses each year, but they are also offered additional electives that blend the arts with other subjects alongside a rich co-curricular list of offerings.

And in the Upper School, our artists take their disciplines to the next level through advanced study of their subject and by pursuing their own personal exhibitions, full-length productions, choreography, and more!

Testimonials Slideshow

“ In all of my travels, I have never encountered a school that supports the arts at the level of TAS. There are two types of learning; objective and intuitive. The arts teach the latter. This creates imaginative minds that think outside the box, and people who think outside the box change the world! 

Maestro Kirt Mosier

TAS Performing Artist in Residence

“ I work with students in both the 2D and 3D studios throughout the day, making time to guide the art history students every other day through humanity's artworks through the ages. My favorite memories over the last decade are usually when I have time to reconnect with previous students of mine who have integrated artmaking into their livelihood. 

David Morris

US Visual Arts Teacher

Proud to Paint, Play and Perform 

Our students are provided a range of both curricular and co-curricular opportunities for beginners, just learning about a discipline, to more experienced performers looking to hone their craft. Amidst our diverse programs, each individual finds their passion, creating a vibrant tapestry of artistry and talent across the campus.

Find out more about our Tiger artists' unparalleled creative opportunities on some of the pages below!

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Arts Facilities

Activities & Clubs

Off-Campus Trips

Create Your Own Path

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