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Performing Arts

Stage & Spotlight: The Performing Arts

Igniting a Passion for Performing  

At Taipei American School, we believe that the performing arts are about the engagement of our performers and audience — and about the creative process and performance. The magic of the performing arts is found through the relationship between the artist, their medium, and their audience.

While the audience is moved by what transpires on the stage, the performers themselves grow through their own personal investment and active involvement in the creative process.  

From introducing a skill to igniting a lifelong passion, TAS performing arts faculty and course offerings guide students in expanding beyond themselves in their aesthetic journey.

What Do We Mean by "Performing Arts"?

The performing arts encompasses our classes and co-curricular offerings in Visual Arts, Film, Music, Dance, and Drama, in addition to theater tech, an often forgotten (but absolutely crucial!) medium. 

The performing arts are fundamentally different from the visual arts, which use paint, canvas or even digital materials to create physical or static art objects that you can perceive with your eyes. The performing arts, in contrast, include a range of disciplines, usually performed in front of a live audience — but, as the world learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, you do not need a physical audience in front of you in order to create a memorable performance.

All the World's a Stage... and a Classroom

If Shakespeare said that "All the World's a Stage," then at TAS we say, "All the World's a Classroom"!

Through workshops, single performances, and full-length narrative productions, the TAS KA-12 performing arts program offers some of the best opportunities for student engagement, leadership, and personal growth.

Many of our performing arts students win awards for their performances at Association of Music in International School (AMIS) solo and instrumental festivals and other global competitions, and still more go on to study advanced arts in college and beyond.

Macbeth Teaser (Fall 2022)

Much more importantly, our performing Tigers are inspired and learn from the joyful creation process IN OUR PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM.

The Four Performance Disciplines



The Process Matters.

In this student-produced video, find out more about the process behind our annual IASAS dance production. In the students' own words: "all movement has an intent and tells the story they're trying to convey."

And we promise we didn't tell them to write that either.

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