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Visual Arts

Canvas & Color: The Visual Arts at TAS

Encouraging Distinct Perspectives

Our educators can and do provide guidance, advice, and instruction in foundational art skills. But we believe that creative thinking and the spark of inspiration must emerge from within the individual student themselves. 

At TAS, we provide our Tigers with the time, space, and tools to first find their own spark and, later, to let it shine.

What Do We Mean by "Visual Arts"?

The visual arts encompasses our classes and co-curricular offerings that prioritize the production of creative art whose products are to be appreciated by sight, such as painting, sculpture, and film-making. They also include digital forms of art such as photography, animation, or other types of installations.

A Thirteen Year Artist Journey

Through both curricular and co-curricular offerings, our three divisional art teams work to foster a climate of creativity and innovation that cultivates the joy of this discovery, developing creative problem-solving skills, building self-confidence, and leading to a path of mastery. 

Once grounded in traditional art skills, students are encouraged to explore the latest technical aspects of computers and software to render their view of the world as they see and experience it. 

By the time they graduate, Taipei American Student student artists develop their individual voice for clear, effective expression. They not only learn how to create, but, through discussion and collaboration, they learn to evaluate and appreciate art in all its forms. 

With thanks to our Grade 7 artists in a recent "Art + Identity" unit. Students made digital and analog self-portraits as a part of the unit. 

Visual Art All Around Us

While we hope that other Tigers did not touch this mural when it was being created, we DO hope that Tigers are touched by this stunning work of art as they walk to class in the Upper School.

In recent years, we've let our visual artists run wild on our campus, creating thoughtful, expressive works of art throughout our 15-acre learning environment.

We hope you add your paintbrush to the mix, too.



Our Teachers Are Artists, Too

Hear from Joel Jayamohan, our middle school art + innovation department chair, who is a visual artist in his own right.

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Mastery of Tech & Self

Our students invoke the TAS values of respect and courage in all of their visual arts classes. They must respect the medium they use - in this case, digital animation - and they must courageously respect themselves and their family's histories. In the featured animation to the right, one upper school artist bravely shared a reflection on cultural inheritance, telling the story of her grandfather's daily lunch box when he was younger , and then retelling the story through her own eyes.

Animation courtesy of Irene H. ('24)

Looking to Be Inspired?

Be sure to check out some of our students’ work, available each year on our Upper and Middle School Art Highlights websites. 

Upper School Student Art Showcase

Middle School Student Art Showcase

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