Scientific Experiments - Grades 4 & 5

Course Fee (per two-week session): NT$43,700

Schedule: Session 1 only: June 6 - June 17 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)  

The Science of SOUND

This scientific experiments two-week summer course will include a lab section as well as a reading section each day. The lab section will begin with an inquiry study about sound, focusing on using observation and the scientific method to study questions students raise about sound, vibration, pitch, etc. During second week, students will use the design process to create musical instruments using what they have learned about sound during the labs. In the daily reading section, students will focus on reading non-fiction texts to study sound and related topics, as well as analyze text structures such as cause and effect, chronological order, and problem and solution. Moreover, during the course students will document their work using various media including videos and photography. 

In summary, in this course students will engage in the following:   

  • Experiments focusing on the fundamentals of sound - vibration, frequency, pitch, amplitude, decibels
  • Research focusing on sound related topics
  • Engineering and project design via building musical instruments, which will culminate in an in-class student concert performance