SA Internship Program

English Reading, Writing and Public Speaking - Grades 6 & 7

Course Fee (per two-week session): NT$43,700

Schedule:   Session 1:   June 6 - June 17 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)
                    Session 2:   June 20 - July 1  (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)

This English Reading, Writing and Public Speaking course is primarily designed to help students prepare for the rigor of English class in Middle School. This course is suitable for students of all levels. For students already proficient in English, this course will extend their ability to read and analyze literary texts, as well as strengthen their oral expression and writing skills, helping to prepare them for academic success in the Middle School English program.    

For the reading portion, this course will center on reading a designated novel. Each day students will be engaged in lessons that guide them through the process of analyzing the novel.  As we read the novel, students will be guided in the process of annotating the text, highlighting and labeling literary techniques and examples of figurative language. Furthermore, each day will have a grammar focus lesson, where students will learn to create effective sentence structures, identify and understand parts of speech and marks of punctuation.  

The writing portion of the course will include daily assignments where students will write in a variety of different genres (some free choice and some assigned). While using their writing notebooks and provided laptops, students will publish a variety of pieces including personal narrative, fiction and literary analysis.   

The public speaking component of the course is designed to be stress free and fun. Some daily activities may include the following: one minute monologues, poetry in two voices and joke telling. 

Please note that Session 1 and Session 2 of this course will use the same course materials. Therefore students enrolling in both sessions of this may repeat content and instruction.