SA Internship Program

Mechanical Engineering (SAUSCSR014)

Course Fee (per two-week session): NT$68,053
Grades: 9-12
Duration: 2 or 4 weeks;
                 Session 1: June 6 - June 17 (8:00 am - 1:00 pm) and/or

                 Session 2: June 20 - July 1 (8:00 am - 1:00 pm) 
Homework: Light

A first course in Mechanical Engineering. Students will learn to use CAD software to study the principles of mechanical engineering and learn to build their designs using our lab’s state of the art CNC (Computer Numeric Control) fabrication capabilities. Students will study, design, and build many common mechanisms as well as study gear design and gear ratios, pulley and sprocket systems, lift mechanisms, projectile launchers, and mechanical arms. Students will learn about transmission of power in a mechanical system including motors, servos, lever arms, springs, and pneumatic systems. Students in this class will be trained to operate and maintain all of the equipment in the lab and learn state of the art fabrication methods, including water jet cutting, aluminum TIG welding, multi axis CNC milling, 3D printing, and lathe operations.

This course assumes no prior knowledge of robotics or programming. However, this class can also be tailored for students already with experience in these fields.  Students may take this course in either Session 1 or Session 2, or both sessions.  For students wishing to take this course in both Session 1 and Session 2, the second session of this course will be a continuation of the first: Students will design and build new projects extending their knowledge and skills gained from the first two weeks.

This course is part of the Robotics and Engineering curriculum.  Successful completion of this course fulfills the Upper School graduation requirement for Computer Science and Robotics.  Successful completion of any two Robotics and Engineering courses (i.e., 4 weeks) will allow a student to enroll in Level 2 Computer Science and Robotics courses when accompanied by a teacher's recommendation. Regardless of qualifications or prerequisites,  students may not take AP Computer Science or Honors High Performance and Distributed Computing in 9th Grade.