SA Internship Program

Programming for Game Design (SAUSCSR016)

Course Fee (per two-week session): NT$68,053
Grades: 9-12
Duration: 2 weeks; Session 2 only: June 20 to July 1 (8:00 am- 1:00 pm) 
Homework: Moderate

This course is an introduction to computer programming where students primarily focus on creating user interactive 2D games using Java and the Processing programming environment. Students learn about variables, strings, arrays, ArrayLists, Boolean algebra, text processing, regular expressions, loops, control statements, methods, parameters, return values, classes, constructors, creating and animating game objects, incorporating event listeners and using various Java libraries. The course culminates in a project where students can create a new interactive game of their own design.

This course is part of the Robotics and Engineering curriculum.  Successful completion of this course fulfills the Upper School graduation requirement for Computer Science and Robotics.  Successful completion of any two Robotics and Engineering courses (4 weeks) will allow a student to enroll in Level 2 Computer Science and Robotics courses when accompanied by a teacher's recommendation. Regardless of qualifications or prerequisites,  students may not take AP Computer Science or Honors High Performance and Distributed Computing in 9th Grade.