Teaching Assistant Program

Every summer, the TAS Summer Academy Program welcomes the assistance of Teaching Assistants, who support the summer teachers as well as gain experience working with children.

Although Teaching Assistants are invaluable to the running of TAS Summer Academy, they are not given any monetary compensation for their service; this is an opportunity to help in an educational setting and explore possible future career choices. There have been several Teaching Assistants who have pursued careers in education, and some have even ended up teaching here at TAS.

Upon conclusion of the assignment, TAS Summer Academy teachers will provide feedback on the performance of Teaching Assistants which may be used in letters of recommendation from the College Counseling Office.

Teaching Assistants will be chosen from current TAS Upper School students and TAS alumni.  All housing and transport costs associated with serving as a Teaching Assistant are the responsibility of the assistant.

Interested individuals are invited to apply here:

Teaching Assistant Application Form

A signed copy of these TAS Summer Academy Teaching Assistant Guidelines must be submitted with the online application form.

Applications will be considered from February on a rolling basis.


*NEW*  This year, we would like to offer Summer Academy Office Teaching Assistant positions. Students with a strong interest in communications and marketing should apply! Find out more here: 

summer academy office teaching assistant positions