SA Internship Program

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are employed by TAS to work in the Summer Academy program, an obligation which cannot be fulfilled otherwise at any other location unless specified by the Summer Academy Director. The Teaching Assistants are hired to assist the teachers with whom they are paired and to gain experience working with children. The Teaching Assistants should enjoy ample opportunity to come directly into contact with individual students. Teaching Assistants will be treated in a professional manner and are expected to present themselves accordingly.

Although Teaching Assistants are invaluable to the running of Summer Academy, they are not given any monetary compensation for their service; this is an opportunity to help in an educational setting and explore possible future career choices. There have been several Teaching Assistants who have pursued careers in education, and some have even ended up teaching here at TAS. At the culmination of Summer Academy, the teaching assistant will be provided with a reference letter indicating the scope and quality of service.

Teaching Assistants will be chosen from TAS alumni and current TAS US students. Requests will be considered from January. All housing and transport costs associated with serving as a Teaching Assistant are the responsibility of the assistant. Teaching Assistants must also have their own health insurance. TAS does not provide health insurance for teaching assistant contracts.

2022 Teaching Assistants Application Form