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Naming Opportunities

Forever associate your name with TAS. Naming opportunities are available throughout the campus.

70th Anniversary Block Naming

In celebration of TAS's 70th Anniversary we offer a special opportunity to name divisional blocks of the school.

A-Block (Lower School)                                  NT$24,000,000
B-Block (Middle School)                                 NT$24,000,000
D-Block (Upper School)                                  Named

Science and Technology Center (D-Block Upper School)

Lecture Hall Named
Robotics Classroom Named
Research Lab Named
Classrooms (27 Available) NT$3,500,000

Liu Lim Arts Center

Building Name Named
Practice Rooms (4 Available) Named
Dance Studio NT$4,000,000
Performing Arts Studio NT$4,000,000
Music Studio NT$4,000,000
Art Studio NT$4,000,000

B & C Building

Black Box Theater Named
Auditorium Named
Auditorium Lobby Named
Auditorium Stage Named
Art Garden NT$3,000,000
Multipurpose Room NT$5,000,000
Classrooms (17 Available) NT$2,000,000 each

PE & Athletics Building

Gymnasium Named
TAS Tennis Courts Named
Swimming Pool Named
Lower School Gym Named
Middle School Gym NT$10,000,000
Locker Rooms (2 Available) NT$3,500,000 each

A Building

Harmony Theater Named
Mandarin Suite NT$15,000,000
Harmony Theater Lobby NT$2,500,000
Classrooms (14 Available) NT$2,000,000 each

Further Naming Opportunities

Main Lobby Named
Courtyard Named
Playground NT$15,000,000

Signature Programs

Robotics Named
Scientific Research NT$12,500,000
Performing Arts NT$12,500,000
Visual Arts NT$12,500,000
Model United Nations NT$12,500,000
Debate Named

Tech Cube

Floor Naming - NT$3,000,000

Lower School NAMED
Middle School NAMED
Upper School NAMED
Upper School NAMED
Upper School NAMED


Room Naming - NT$2,000,000

Second Floor

Lower School Amphitheater NAMED
Lower School Slide NAMED
Lower School Gallery NAMED

Third Floor

Middle School Vex Arena & Robotics Design Lab NAMED

Fourth Floor

Upper School Electronic Engineering Lab NAMED
Upper School Idea Lounge NAMED
Upper School High Performance Computer Lab NAMED
Upper School Tech Cube Classroom NAMED

Fifth Floor

Upper School Fabrication Hub NAMED


Foundation Donors

Foundation Donors
(gifts from 2017-18 school year)


Funding for naming opportunities may be made over multiple years, up to three years. We welcome the opportunity to discuss naming opportunities with you. For further details please contact Kathy Limmer at limmerk@tas.edu.tw or 2873-9900 ext. 342.